Kirsten and Daniel

how we met

We met online! However, our “story” started well before our date two years ago. I (Kirsten) am a musician, a sax player. Daniel is a fantastic musician, tho he does not make his money doing music. Daniel was taking saxophone lessons from a friend of mine and had heard me perform a couple times in the past years. A veteran of online dating, I was suppose to go on a date with his friend, Nate. It fell through, but Nate showed my profile to Daniel. I was the reason Daniel signed up for his first online dating experience, super flattering! The rest is our history!

how they asked

Daniel lined up a sweet proposal. It was thanksgiving evening. His family was hosting, but my mom, who I am very close to, was there.We went outside for a few minutes as his sister prepared the tables. Soon afterward, a snow machine began to pour snow out from the second story of the home. Then, Santa Claus came to deliver presents for everyone! Santa was his brother in law, Doug. Santa’s helper, Daniel’s sister (jean) passed candy boxes to everyone. When it was my turn to get a gift, they discovered there wasn’t one for me. Instead, Daniel had one for me! (the ring)

Special Thanks