Kirsten and Brian

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Top Sail Island, North Carolina

How We Met

Brian and I met at work, a high school in northern NJ, as I am a special education teacher and he is a paraprofessional. He started working at the school in October, so a co-worker was introducing him to everyone. We ended up finding out and it was totally ironic that we lived about a minute from each other in the same development! And had NEVER met before! It took some time, but in March, he finally mentioned to his friends he was going to ask me out. One of the guys said that I was the marrying type…to watch out! From our first date on April Fools Day…until now…we’ve been a “thing”!!!

How They Asked

Our favorite vacation spot is Northrop Sail Island, North Carolina…so when Brian agreed to go for a week at the end of August 2018, I was thrilled! August 20th was just a normal Top Sail day with time on the beach, lots of suns and then out to dinner. We decided to go for our favorite meal…sushi!!! After sushi Brian agreed to go for a walk on the beach, which for a man who doesn’t care too much for the sand, I take the walks when I can!!! A little back story…I love to collect shells as we walk, and for this trip, I forgot to bring ziplock plastic bags, and hadn’t gone to the store yet.

Well, Brian used this…As we were walking he started digging in his pocket saying he had found something in the house for me to use to collect shells. I was excited but also leary about what he could have found. He pulls out a bottle…like old school message in a bottle! And no joke, there was a rolled-up message inside!! Of course, I took the little scroll out of the bottle and that’s where it said Kirsten, Will you marry me?

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Top Sail Island, North Carolina

I was so surprised, and when I looked up he was right there with the ring box opened!!! I didn’t even say yes I just hugged and kissed Brian! Then once I calmed down, I finally saw my perfect, gorgeous ring! And to top it off, my grandmother gave Brian a diamond to put into the ring!!! So I can officially say I have found a message in a bottle on the beach, and it had the best message in it EVER!!!