Kirsten and Brennan

How We Met

Our journey started as most love stories do these days- online! Thanks to Bumble, we had our first date in August 2016, and in true Kirsten fashion, I was running just a tad late! Brennan was a little worried this would be a foreshadowing of what life would be like with me, but he took a chance and the rest is history…

Our first date was one for the books! He asked me if I liked adventure, and I said “Yes!” And so, Brennan decided he was going to woo me with two of my favorite things- Mexican food and lights. We went on a nighttime helicopter flight (see the picture of me in the helicopter from our first date)- and woo he did! After dinner, we went and got ice cream, and I soon realized Brennan loves all things sweet! We had the most honest and real talk that I will never forget about our values and what we wanted in our futures. I knew I wanted to see Brennan again…

Our love story progressed quickly, as we spent a lot of time together and with each other’s families, going on adventures, and I became attached to Brennan’s dog, Bear. Through our year and a half of dating, my Dad, David, was very sick with ALS and Leukemia. Brennan was more than my rock, he was my boulder. I know I could have gotten through this difficult time on my own, but I am beyond grateful I did not have to. Brennan asked for my Dad’s blessing in my hand in marriage before his passing in February. This will always mean the world to me and I am so grateful they were able to have this experience together! During our time dating, we have experienced great love and loss. We know that no matter what comes our way in life, we will get through it stronger and better, together! And I know that I have a true partner to do life with and could not ask for anything more.

how they asked

Brennan and I had visited La Caille in August 2017 for our first time on a wine tasting tour and we fell in love with the beautiful grounds and kind-hearted people. I had never been to Utah in the winter and said to Brennan, “I hope someday we can come back here and see it when it snows.” He must have been listening, because flash forward to February 25th, 2018, and Brennan surprised me with my dream proposal!

I remember being so nervous all weekend, I really missed my Dad, David, and would usually call him and my Mom in these circumstances, but didn’t want Brennan to know I had an inkling of what was to come… Brennan went above and beyond to make all of my proposal dreams come true and I will always hold our proposal night near and dear to my heart! I am typically the planner in our relationship and he likes to wait until the last minute (well not in this case). He researched and booked a photographer- thank you, Randy, for capturing all of these amazing moments, Monica- to play the harp, Zoltan- to drive us, and all of the amazing staff at La Caille who made us feel so so special!

Brennan’s parents invited me to spend the morning and early afternoon with them in Park City. We had a lovely time, but on the inside, I couldn’t shake my nerves and excitement with what I thought may soon be coming! Just as they say in When Harry Met Sally, “When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.” While I was out with Brennan’s parents, he drove to La Caille and set-up our proposal, clad in my favorite things- all things lights! He strung white lights, put up a “marry me” sign and laid rose petals on the ground. Our wonderful photographer, Randy, went out of his way to meet up early with Brennan and discuss their game plan for our arrival later that evening.

Our driver Zoltan picked us up in the early evening, I remember feeling quiet (unusual for me) as I was taking everything in around me- the snow covered mountains and massive trees. But what I will never forget, is my Dad’s presence as we took that drive from Park City to La Caille, when I needed him most. The sky was unreal as it was before sunset and I remember wanting to burst into tears as I could feel him with me, and wanted to share everything with Brennan, but didn’t want to give anything away, so I held onto my secret a little longer…

When we pulled into the driveway at La Caille it was magical, a winter wonderland if you will! I was so excited to be there with Brennan! We got out of the car and Brennan asked if I wanted to take a walk on the grounds before having dinner. I agreed and he walked me down a little path into the most magical set-up I have ever seen!

I could not stop shaking as Brennan got down on one knee and asked for my hand in marriage. I said, “A million times yes!” It was truly the best moment and night of our lives! After we took pictures with Randy, we had the most amazing dinner and just got lost in each other- it was truly so very special!

As we were reliving the weekend and the events leading up to how they asked, I shared with Brennan how I had been feeling, missing my Dad, and how I had felt his presence in the car ride…before I could finish, he looked at me and said, “Did you see that one cloud under the sun as we’re exiting the highway?” I immediately got chills as I knew exactly what he was referring to, and nodded my head yes. He said, “That was David, he was here.” And I started to cry at that moment because I too had seen that very cloud.

Special Thanks