Kirsten and Brandon

How We Met

Our story starts the way all great love stories start, swiping online. It was the summer of 2017 and I had just moved to the city of Minneapolis for my job as a flight attendant. Brandon was going back and forth from the city, where he taught high school, to about two hours away in the country, where he managed a campground. We both were in and out of town and didn’t really put in a lot of effort to meet new people. Although we both would have liked a more romantic story, the convenience of online dating had its definite appeals. We had been chatting online for about a month when we finally were both in town on the same night. So on a random Tuesday, we met up for a drink. That one simple drink turned into a two-hour conversation where we ended up closing the place down. Our next date was a little more special because he was on a mission. He was going to take me around his favorite parts of Minnesota until I fell in love and agreed to stay forever. Little did he know that I was actually falling in love with him. He took me to a bridge downtown called Stone Arch Bridge and we walked and talked for hours. I just couldn’t get enough of him. I had never met anyone who was such a positive force. We hustled so we could get Izzy’s ice cream, of course, and then we walked up to this beautiful spiraled hill in Gold Medal Park. It was now dark and we knew we should be heading back to our cars. He leaned in and said “I hope you don’t mind if I grab your hand on the way back. It’s getting dark out and it’s a little scary”. Although a very cheesy way to ask to hold my hand, I didn’t mind. I found him oh so funny. He told me later that this was the date when he deleted all dating apps. What he didn’t know was it was the date I realized I wanted to be with him forever.

How They Asked

Almost two years later, I had come back from working a three-day trip and noticed there was a special date night marked on the calendar. Not completely unusual, we have to plan our date nights because we are so busy. It was Friday, May 17th and we had gotten all dressed up to go to downtown Minneapolis. I had a clue what might have been about to take place, after all, I have wanted to marry Brandon since the moment I met him, but I didn’t want to jinx myself. We went to a nice dinner where both of us just looked at each other nervously and giggled. He then asked if he could take me to get Izzy’s ice cream. On the way there we happened to pass the park where he took me on our second date, the one with the spiraled hill. He then asked if I wanted to take a walk and my heart sank. As we were walking up the hill there was a family at the top that saw us walking and quickly ran away. We both laughed. He then began to tell me how I changed his life and how wonderful the last two years were. We finally made it to the top and he got down on a knee. Of course, I accepted!

Kirsten's Proposal in Gold Medal Park Minneapolis, Minnesota

Brandon had also hired a photographer friend who took the most wonderful pictures so we can have that moment captured forever. Seeing as we were downtown, we walked around and took beautiful pictures by these historical brick buildings. He then asked if I wanted to take some pictures on the Stone Arch Bridge and with downtown in the background and I thought it was a no-brainer. Brandon began laughing which I thought was so odd. He leaned in and kissed me on the cheek and asked me if I was ready to see my parents. Halfway on the bridge were my parents from Florida and his parents! If that wasn’t enough, we went out later to celebrate. I thought we were just going to a quaint little after dinner drink but he invited friends and family to also celebrate with us too. I am beyond blessed that I am about to marry the most thoughtful man ever!

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Gold Medal Park Minneapolis, Minnesota

Special Thanks

Mark Fierst
 | Photographer