Kirsten and Bradi

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How We Met

Braid and I met in in the winter of 2013 snowboarding with a group of mutual friends. Right away I knew I had to get to know this guy and he felt the same way. We soon spent every day off possible together snowboarding and taking adventures around the area. We would do mini get-aways to other ski resorts and spend hours snowboarding, talking and having snowball fight. Quickly I knew this guy was going to be a huge part of my life. We spent the whole winter getting to know each other and spending every possible moment together. He would come meet me on my lunch from work and I would head back to the resort at midnight when he was on his lunch just to spend more time with each other. We continued our adventures together moving to Michigan and Florida and back to Michigan.

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how they asked

After living in Orlando for 2 years and moving back to Northern Michigan Bradi and I like to do a sunshine get away every year to get some warm weather and enjoy the parks again! I am a Disney lover and always wanted to go to Disney parks when we lived in Orlando. Instead of doing our usual 1 week trip we chose this year to extend and make the trip 2 weeks total. After hearing that we were heading back down to Disney my mom and sister decided they needed to come on this trip as well. On the first day in the parks I had a surprise scavenger hunt set up for my nephews who had no idea Bradi and I were there.

Their scavenger hunt had them end at my favorite and their favorite ride space mountain. After meeting up with my family Bradi suggested that we ride Space Mountain because we are right here and it’s a great first ride of the day. I wasn’t super excited for it just because the wait time was 65 minutes but I figured why not, we aren’t in any type of a rush. Bradi and I have always had the tradition of on any rides that take your pictures to do a silly pose.

While waiting in line Bradi said he needed to tell me something. My mom had already talked to him about buying us one of pictures on Space Mountain but it was to be a “surprise”. He wanted to tell me so that I don’t get sassy and annoyed when she says don’t look at the picture when we get off because she wants to buy it for us. This sounds just like my mom so I didn’t think twice I just said okay sounds good. We then talked about what pose we wanted to do and off we went on the ride.

When we got off Space Mountain my mom was blocking the preview area for your pictures and telling me to get lost as she thought I would try to see it before she bought it. I just thought she was over reacting and taking this a little to far. I continued on to the gift shop and just waited for her to hurry up and buy the picture so we could move on to other rides. While waiting Bradi looked at me and said please don’t be mad…. I didn’t do the thumbs up pose we agreed on. I asked him what the heck he did and all I got in a response was “you’ll see” and a huge smile and laugh.

A few minutes later my mom walks over with a big smile on her face and said here you go, I wanted to get this for you guys. I wasn’t going to look at it but decided I wanted to see what stupid face he had made and that’s when I saw it… I saw the truth and the flood gates of tears came crashing open. I looked up from the picture and there he was on one knee and asked me to marry him.

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