Kirsten and Billy


How We Met

Billy and I met 9 years ago when I returned home from Air Force training. We met through a mutual friend who introduced us. At the time, I was 19 and he was 27. We caught each others eyes but only remained friends until 3 years ago.


He will tell you it was the worst date ever and I wouldn’t argue that. We both awkwardly talked about where our lives were at and kept glancing at our phones to see if the date was over yet. After dinner, we were walking together outside of the restaurant and he asked if I wanted to go boating on Lake Superior. Of course I said yes (this girl loves the lake!) and we hopped in his truck to head over to the marina. We sat on the boat for hours, finally relaxed, joking around and it was then that those sparks reunited.


how they asked

In May I finished up my RN to BSN degree. Billy was insisting that we go to Vegas to celebrate. I told him several times that we didn’t need to do that and we could just have a nice dinner. Without me knowing, he booked us a trip and told me about it the week before.

On the first day of our trip, I woke up in the morning and he was gone. When he came back to the hotel room he told me he was making plans for the evening. He asked if I wanted to know about it or if it should stay a surprise. I told him I wanted the surprise but later in the afternoon I told him I wanted to know what we were doing so that I knew how to dress. All he said was that we were being picked up in a limo at 5 and that I could dress casual. (Note: Minnesota casual and Las Vegas casual are totally different, I was in chunky wedges and about to embark on a hike!)

The limo picked us up and brought us to the airport. He finally told me we were doing a helicopter ride to the Grand Canyon. When we were waiting to get in our helicopter we met the sweetest couple who would be riding with us. The woman and I decided we should use the restroom before we leave and while we were away from the table, Billy told her husband his plan.


We got into the helicopter and flew over Vegas and into the Grand Canyon. When we landed they told us we could go explore while they set up a picnic. I’m a photographer and thankfully brought my camera along so I started snapping away. Billy kept saying “Lets walk down the path a little farther” and I kept saying “My feet are already killing me!” (hiking in heels is no joke). What I didn’t know was that I kept stopping to take photos where there were sharp rocks on the ground so he couldn’t get down on one knee.


Finally he found a good photo spot but asked me to put my camera down and watch his phone. I was entirely confused, here we were in the Grand Canyon, a bucket list spot, taking photos and he wanted me to look at his phone. When I watched the video on my phone it was my son asking me to marry dad. I turned around and he was on one knee with the ring. Of course I said yes, started crying happy tears and we kissed. All the meanwhile we were captured by the couple that was in the helicopter with us!


Afterwards we had a picnic in the Canyon, sipping champagne and toasted to our future.


It was incredible and felt like a dream.