Kirsten and Bill

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How we met

I have been friends with Bill’s sister, Missy, for 17 years. So, I supposed we met one day at his parents’ house when I was hanging out with his sister. However, it wasn’t until many, many years later that I found myself thinking about him as something other than my friend’s younger brother. We had been texting back and forth for a few months when we planned to go to a Pirates game with his sister and her boyfriend for the Pirates Beer Passport the day before 4th of July in 2014. After the game, we went to McFaddens and that is when I started flirting with Bill. His sister was convinced we had already gone on a date, but we never had. That night when I was dropping Bill off at his house, I finally looked at him and said, “Well, are you gonna kiss me or not?” After that night and a fun 4th of July weekend, we planned our first date.

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how they asked

Bill bought me tickets to the Pirates game on May 1st for my birthday. The game conflicted with the Pittsburgh Marathon and I was running the half, but I thought a Pirates game in the afternoon sounded like a fun way to relax and celebrate my finishing the half. Bill met me after the finish line and we went to my work in downtown Pittsburgh so I could freshen up before heading over to meet our parents for lunch and a few beers before the game. On our way to the Pirates game, Bill was texting his “friend” and I kept reminding him that we needed to walk faster. I came to realize later that his “friend” was Kristy, our photographer. Because of the Pirates game the Roberto Clemente Bridge was closed, which allowed us to walk right over the middle of the bridge. At about half way over the bridge, Bill said that he had a rock in his shoe and bent down to get it out.

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As I turned to look at him and see if he got the rock out, he was down on one knee with a ring, not a rock, in his hand! I immediately started crying as he spoke some very thoughtful, loving, kind words which I won’t mention (partly because they are special between the two of us, but also partly because I was so overwhelmed I don’t remember every word).

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He then asked the question that I had always dreamed he’d ask, “Kirsten, will you marry me?” Without any thought, I instantly said YES! and kissed my new fiancĂ©.

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