Kirsten and Anthony


How We Met

As I was walking down the hall in high school one day of my senior year, a guy raised his hand up for a high-five. After that first high-five we realized we passed by each other going to most of our classes and always made sure to high five. High-fives led to quick talks in the halls which transitioned into talking on the phone and texting non stop and then to going on dates. It was perfect and we were having the time of our lives, at least until it came to the point we had to decide how we would continue our relationship as we headed our separate ways for college.

When we had that talk, I had a feeling in the pit of my stomach that I couldn’t ignore. We were meant to be together. I think we both knew that at the time, but thought we were too young to feel that way. Going against the multiple warnings from family and friends, we began our long-distance relationship.

how they asked

My parents were gracious enough to take my family, Anthony, and I on a week long cruise to celebrate our college graduations. The day we got off the ship, we decided to spend the day in Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. My family left the park in the middle of the day to get settled at the hotel and Anthony and I stayed to enjoy the attractions. Around five o clock on the evening we planned to meet my family at the front gate so we could spend the rest of the night together.

Anthony and I arrived at the gate on time, but got news from my family that they were running a few minutes late. As we waited for them a couple came up to a nearby photographer and had their picture taken. They shared that they had just gotten engaged the night before and the photographer asked for all of the details as he took their picture. After I looked at Ant and said, “I hope we get to see a proposal tonight because I just love Disney so much and I love love so much and it would make me so happy!” He just chuckled and said, “Yeah maybe..”

Finally, my family arrived and headed back into the park. As we were walking in Anthony asked if we could take some pictures in front of the castle. Immediately my mind started reeling. Was he about to propose?! After about 1 minute of freaking out, I had convinced myself I was wrong because we had talked about getting engaged and we had wanted to be completely done with college and starting our careers before we were engaged. So we started taking pictures and Anthony leans in my ear and says, “I’m going to love you forever…” Next thing I know, he’s down on one knee asking me to marry him.