Kirsten and Anthony

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how we met

I had just moved down to Arizona to take care of my nephew during the day, while my sister and her husband went to work and school. As much fun as it was, spending my days with an infant child and my evenings with a married couple, I needed more adventure. I had not even lived in Arizona for 3 full days when I decided to reinstall my Tinder app on my phone. I deleted Tinder once before for many reasons, but the main reason was that I couldn’t find any respectable guys that were genuinely interested in who I am. So this time, I was straight forward and wrote on my profile that I was only looking for friends. I was swiping through all of the pics. I swiped right to really any guy that didn’t look like a player haha I believe I matched with Anthony on the first day of my Tinder revival, but it wasn’t until the following day that he messaged me. There was just something different about him. He didn’t have some cheesy pick up line introduction. He didn’t brag about how swole he gets at the gym. He was just genuinely friendly and I liked that.

A couple days later, I agreed to meeting him for lunch at a local restaurant in the town we both lived. He was there before me. We sat down, had lunch and talked like there was no tomorrow. After about four hours, I decided that it was time for me to go back home. He paid for the bill, walked me to my car and mentioned something about wanting to see me again. I agreed. I had no idea the adventure I was about to set-foot on.

After that, we had only hung out with each other almost everyday for about a week. He had to go back to Alaska for Christmas break. I remember thinking we were just friends, but always noticing nice things he did for me. When he would do those nice things, I would think to myself, “he’s going to make somebody a fine husband one day”, not even thinking he’d be my fine husband!

Before his flight, we went out to breakfast and then went out to a lake nearby and just walked around it. He put his arm around me and kept telling me how much fun he had been having with me. I was feeling a little awkward, because I wasn’t sure what was happening. I had an idea that he had feelings for me, but I wasn’t sure about mine. He then dropped me off at my house and we hugged each other, as usual, but this time he kissed me on the forehead! To me, that came out of nowhere haha but I tried to act cool and casual about the whole thing and we said our goodbyes. He left and I walked into my house, not really knowing what just happened. Then, it hit me, I started missing him. That is the moment I knew I liked him…and not just as a friend.

From then on out, our feelings for each other grew stronger. We got to know each other pretty well through text messaging and some occasional phone calls, over the 3 weeks he was gone. I saw him the night he got back and the night after that was when he asked me to be his girlfriend!

how they asked

We had been ring shopping a couple of times around Christmas. We didn’t find THE ring until after Christmas. I was there when he bought it, so I had a pretty good idea he was going to propose some time between then and Valentine’s Day.

As Valentine’s did come around, he kept “subtly” hinting at a proposal. We had to celebrate the holiday on the Thursday after, because we spent it with my family on the day of. He drove me about 1.5 hours north, where the temperature drops and the trees grow. We got out and took a little nature walk in the woods. I thought he was going to propose there, but he didn’t.

We headed back to the car and he said there was one more place he wanted to take me, so we drove another 20 mins north to get to the Mogollon Rim. The entrance was closed…so we decided to break in!! Which basically just means we walked around the sign that said “closed.” Rebels, I know!

The Mogollon Rim is part of an extremely beautiful national forest. The only way I can describe it is that it’s like The Grand Canyon, but with a more wooded mountain look rather than a desert look? I don’t know, anyway… He took me to look at the freaking gorgeous view! He then needed to “tie his shoe”.

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While I was looking away, he said, “Honey?” I turned around and saw him bent on one knee, holding out the ring. He asked, “Will you marry me?” and I said, “of course!”