Kirk and Megan

How We Met

Megan and Kirk’s story began in 2016 in Budapest, Hungary where they both happened to be visiting for work. A mutual friend invited them out for dinner and drinks on a rooftop overlooking the city … the connection was immediate! Afterward, the group had a great time exploring, which gave Kirk and Megan the opportunity to learn more about one another. Later in the week, everyone met back up and shared an evening walk along the Danube.

Kirk and Megan broke off from the group and enjoyed a romantic walk along the river. Almost as if it were out of a movie, it started to pour and they raced along the river to shelter (a park bench under an awning outside a cafe) where they shared their first kiss. Once they returned to the US, they continued to travel to see each other, falling more in love with every trip.

how they asked

Megan works incredibly long weeks and at the time traveled 100% of the time for her job. She rarely got to enjoy a proper vacation. When Kirk knew she was going to have a week off, he told her that he wanted to plan a trip for them to Banff in Canada – a destination that was on her bucket list. Kirk thoughtfully worked in as many of her favorite things as possible – a trip to a local candy shop for the long road trip, small art, and science exhibits along the way, hikes, and plenty of opportunities for stargazing. Midway through the trip, Kirk had planned a drive to Moraine Lake. From online photos, it seemed like the shore would bring the privacy and serenity (and, of course, the natural beauty!) that Megan valued so much and would want in their special moment.

He had worked over the phone with Jenny, their amazing photographer, to follow them in secret to capture the moment. Megan and Kirk walked along the shore for a while before settling on an area with a fallen tree to sit. Kirk did his best to not babble and Megan suggested that they skip rocks on the lake. After a few minutes, Kirk got up the courage to pull her closer to him, got down on one knee, and asked her if she wanted to spend their lives together.

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