Kirianna and Landon

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Kokomo Indiana

How We Met

We met in the Adirondack mountains of upstate New York. I was on a college visit and spending the night. I was going to get food with a friend when I bumped into Landon.

The friend introduced us and it was a few awkward minutes of small talk until someone in the group of people brought up the topic of music. From there we realized we had almost the exact same tastes in music. The conversation flowed effortlessly as if we had known each other our whole lives. We found out we were both huge nerds, collected comic books, had the same taste in sit-coms, and had record collections. There was an undeniable connection between us. We realized that we had already met at a summer camp that past summer and had spoken but didn’t get each others names.

After an hour of talking and making everyone around us feel like third wheels, we ended up going our separate ways. I later asked our mutual friend for Landon’s number. We texted until 3 in the morning and then agreed to meet for breakfast the next morning. I had to go back home to the Catskills and Landon stayed at college. We went on one date later that December but it wasn’t until September 2015, after a summer of working at camp together and falling in love, that we decided to make things official. He finished college and went back home to Indiana and I stayed in New York and we did long distance.

How They Asked

I was out visiting him in Indiana for thanksgiving break. We were going out to take pictures and wanted to take some in a coffee shop. Long-distance is a hard thing to navigate so we had been talking about getting engaged at a time where he could be with my family in New York to celebrate. It came up in conversation hours before that he hadn’t bought the ring yet so him proposing was the last thing I was expecting. I told him to leave his jacket in the car because I thought they wouldn’t look good in pictures but he insisted so with an eye roll we went into the coffee shop with our photographer.

Where to Propose in Kokomo Indiana

We’re sitting there talking while our photographer tells us she’s taking some test shots. He pulls out a box (that doesn’t look like a ring box) from his jacket that I hadn’t wanted him to bring in says “oh I found this cool box for when I actually do propose” and I, still clueless, think wow that is a cool box. He asks me to open it and the ring is inside. I said yes after repeating “are you serious??” 15 times. After 5 years together and 708 miles keeping us apart, we get to spend the rest of our lives together.

Special Thanks

Julia Burtch
 | Photographer