Kirby and Xavier

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How We Met

My name is Kirby and I was working at a restaurant near Disneyland. My fiance, Xavier (who then was a stranger), came to have dinner there with his best friend. He asked me out and I politely declined. He came back alone the next time I worked and tried again! I agreed to HANG out once but assured him this was not a date! Haha. We hung out and actually enjoyed each others company. Then I found out he was a Marine that was deploying shortly after that. So I cut all contact because I was truly horrified of the life of uncertainty and risks military families endure.

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Almost a year later his deployment was coming to an end. I did miss him, so I agreed to go on our first actual DATE. The day after he returned to the U.S. he took me to Sea World in San Diego and that day we officially became boyfriend/girlfriend. He is currently still enlisted in the military and we have spent a lot of time apart due to his job being so demanding. I have not seen him in a year and can not wait for him to return to California for our glamorous wedding!

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how they asked

To celebrate our first anniversary Xavier told me we would go to Sea World, which is where we went on our first date just one year prior. On our first date he had bought me a USMC sweatshirt and I had worn it all day, so for this anniversary we decided to take the sweatshirts we wore the year prior and we were going to put them on to take a photo in the same spot we took our first selfie together. When we arrived at the spot to take the photo (we had not put our sweatshirts on yet) Xavier said he had to go to the bathroom and to wait for him right there and not to move. He said his phone was dying and he did not want to lose me. So I stood there and waited. And waited. And waited. I finally texted him because he had been gone for 15 minutes.

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What I did not know at the time was that he was meeting my parents and changing into his uniform. All of a sudden as I was looking down at my phone, he walks up with my parents behind him and drops to one knee. I burst into tears. And at that moment I realized my life was about to change- I was about to accept this crazy military life that has never proven to be easy. I was about to be a fiance. I was about to accept his commitment of his life to me, and I was about to commit mine to him. I was about to agree to spend the rest of my life with the most amazing man I have ever met, and with the man I fall in love with over and over every day. Only the strongest military girlfriends are promoted to wife, and I gladly accept the challenge!

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