Kirby and Thomas

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How We Met

Thomas and I were introduced through a mutual friend in August of 2014 right before our senior year at Abilene Christian University. The night we met, I was bartending at the local country western bar and the second Thomas smiled at me and shook my hand, I was hooked! He came and ordered about 20 glasses of water throughout the night just so he could talk to me. A few weeks later, we went on our first date. Our first date consisted of sitting on a metal generator box at a pond and talking for almost six hours. We would talk to each other until the sun came up. After waiting a month to kiss me, he finally asked me to be his girlfriend. I was immediately smitten and have been ever since!

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how they asked

The morning of January 21, 2017 began with getting coffee and doing some shopping in Southlake Town Square with my best friend, Hannah. While out of the house, Thomas was putting the finishing touches on his plan. Upon returning, we got dressed up to see my favorite childhood musical at The Bass Hall. On the way back to Southlake from the performance, we ran into a crazy Texas thunderstorm! It went from being the most beautiful day, to torrential downpour! Within 10 minutes of the storm we came across the most beautiful double rainbow immediately followed by a lightening strike that hit one of the generator poles in the picture! A huge boom and sparks flew, it was insane!

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After much stalling and driving around, Thomas wanted us to get back to his parents’ house to see how high the creek was. Thomas’ parents have the most beautiful backyard that leads out to the most peaceful patio. I cannot put into words how serene and peaceful it truly is. When Thomas and I have spent time on the patio, I immediately feel closer to him. Upon returning to the house, he leads me out into the backyard towards the patio. Keep in mind it is still sprinkling and the ground and stepping stones are so slippery!

I almost fell 3 times! As we are making our way to the patio, I see the table and instantly became overwhelmed with emotion. This was it! On the patio, there was a table set up with the first picture we ever took together and a picture of us on the patio at Thanksgiving, flowers, and a journal. At the time I had no idea what was in the journal, but it has become my favorite part of the proposal.

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Thomas then asked me to spend forever with him and showed me the journal. In it, was his written promise to embark on the journey of forever with me. He then presented me with the most beautiful ring that he designed himself! I was so overwhelmed with emotion I grabbed his hands and said, “wait, did I even say yes?!” It was so perfect, so peaceful, so us. Sparks flew the night we got engaged-literally!

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