Kirby and Nick

How We Met

On the first day of high school, Nick’s locker was next to mine. Nick immediately saw something special in me and made it known to everyone. It took two years until 2008 when Nick and I went on our official first date.

Proposal Ideas Pandora Ice Rink - Baltimore, MD

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Pandora Ice Rink - Baltimore, MD

Kirby's Proposal in Pandora Ice Rink - Baltimore, MD

Where to Propose in Pandora Ice Rink - Baltimore, MD

We sat alongside Main St. watching our local Halloween parade when Nick asked me to be his girlfriend and the rest was history.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Pandora Ice Rink - Baltimore, MD

How They Asked

Ten years later, after many miles and cities apart of long distance dating, Nick and I finally settled together in Charm City (Baltimore, MD). We’ve made a tradition going to the Christmas market in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor. This year, Nick insisted we go ice skating which wasn’t a part of our plans. Isn’t it funny, the happiest moments are often the ones not according to plan.

I went along with his suggestion to make him happy. I’ve never learned how to ice skate. I was so focused on not falling on the ice, that I was surprised to hear Nick calling my name. I turned around, and there was Nick in the center of the ice on one knee looking at me. I was so shocked that my initial words were, “Are you kidding me?” After replying, “No,” Nick asked me to marry him. The whole rink lit up in applause with onlookers cheering us on.

Special Thanks

Donnell Wallace
 | Photographer
James Allen
 | Ring