Kirby and Morgan

How We Met

The day I met Morgan, she came to my dealership looking for a new car with her family. I was helping her find the right vehicle, but I had this thing I did with my mother every time I started working a deal, I’d call her and ask her to pray cause I had a deal working. This time I called, asked her to pray, but before we hung up, I said, “Mom, I just met my future wife.” From that moment on Morgan and I spent time together and became really close friends.

I encouraged her in career advances, she encouraged me to step out on my own in business. By this time she had moved to Nashville, TN and we were an hour apart. We talked every day while I would start my morning coffee. It always just felt like we were a couple of steps apart but each day we got closer instep. Finally, after about a year and a half, I worked up the courage, and mainly the common sense, to ask her to be more than friends. From that day on, there was never a doubt where this relationship would go.

How They Asked

I bought the ring after giving a presentation for my company outlining my goals for the year, the final one being proposing. I had planned on taking her out west and asking her, but she had another career advancement that led her to come closer to me. We were looking for a place for her to rent and the perfect home came into the picture to buy together. The night we got the keys to the house, I pulled the ring out and I think I was as shocked as she was when she saw me on one knee with the ring.

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When she looked at me with tears in her eyes, that was the most precious and memorable moment for me, we were seeing each other as equals. We both knew we were ready to start this amazing journey together and build the life and home of our dreams. That’s why I chose her to spend my life with. I know that through the ups and downs, we will always have each other and will always be on each other’s level, as equals.

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