Kirby and Johnny

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How We Met

Johnny and I met in college. We have stayed in contact on and off through the years and finally reconnected Halloween 2014 at a mutual friends Halloween party. We started dating shortly after! The rest is history!!

how they asked

It is so fun to be able to relive this day all over again! On Sunday September 13th 2015 Johnny and I headed to late service at church as always. Vicki had texted me a few days earlier saying they were going to be bbqing after church for their anniversary before they head out of town, so of course we were going to be there!! After church we get in the truck and Johnny’s dad called and said a farmer saw one of their calves out in a field and we needed to go grab it. This kind of stuff happens so I really didn’t think anything was unusual. So as we are driving of course I have to ask a million questions such as”how do you know it’s in this field?” “Why can’t justin do this?” For those that know me know I ask too many questions, all the time! So finally we pull up and get out of the truck and as Johnny leads the way he finally stops and said “here it is!” As I walked up there was this beautiful baby calf with a note around its neck, the envelope said “Kirby” and at that point I knew what was happening.

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I read the heartfelt card and as I was finished Johnny got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. And I said “yes of course!” This wonderful day was all captured by his mother that was conveniently located behind a big tree. We then met my mom, dad and sister and the rest of Johnny’s family back at the house for an awesome lunch to end this amazing surprise!!

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