Kira and Jared

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How We Met

Jared and I met in October 2009, while we were both working at Enterprise Rent-A-Car and it was dislike at first sight. I thought Jared was over the top obnoxious and he thought I was snobby. When we were finally forced to spend time together at a work outing, we both found it weird that we had a ton in common. Fast forward 5 months, countless dates and we found ourselves at a New York Rangers playoff hockey game, where I finally worked up the courage to ask if he was my boyfriend. He (obviously) said yes! Jared and I haven’t had the easiest road and in fact we broke up after four years of dating. We did not speak or see one another for 6 months… until we were both in a mutual friend’s wedding. From there we worked our way back to being friends and then finally back into a relationship. I consider Jared and I to be the exception to the rule, most second chance relationships don’t work because the original issues are never resolved. Jared and I worked our butts off to fix our problems from the past and move forward and I am grateful for it every day of my life.

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how they asked

Jared and I have been living together a little under a year but have been dating for almost 7. I was expecting him to propose in the near future but had no real idea when it would happen. On April 5th we adopted our second dog, Blue- we have a two year old chocolate lab named Bubba. Jared’s mom had mentioned wanting to come over to meet the puppy before Easter brunch, so I decided to invite my parents over as well since both of our families do brunch together. While drinking mimosas and having a few appetizers, Jared put the puppy on the ground and I just so happened to pick him up.

After holding him for a moment or two, Jared mentioned there was something wrong with his name tag, which I had just purchased the day before. I was so irritated as I started to spin the collar because I couldn’t imagine what could have possibly happened within a day and then I saw the ring, right where the name tag should have been and I swear I blacked out. Thankfully my Dad and Jared planned the surprise together so my dad filmed the entire thing. From watching the video I can tell you that next Jared got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.

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After I asked if he was serious, I said yes, followed by an insane amount of OMGs. A week later and I am still in shock, living on cloud 9.

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