Kira and Steven

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How We Met

Steven and I met the first day of college as freshmen at UMASS Amherst. We lived a few doors down from each other in the dorm and were instantaneously friends, bonding over being Jewish and our love for burritos. The friendship gradually evolved into more. Along the way, I rooted him on through grad school where he got his masters in architecture and he helped me figure out what I am supposed to do in this life: talking on the radio.

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how they asked

One day, I was working on the air on my first-morning show when someone called in for our segment “We’ll Tell You” where listeners call in and ask us ANYTHING. The familiar voice said that his question was really just for me, and not so much my co-host, AJ… and he’d prefer to ask me in person. All of a sudden Steven walked into our studio got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. After a few squeals of excitement I was able to muster up the word “yes”.

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