Kira and Laith

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How We Met

Their story began in one very cute and cozy bar where the bride went for a drink with her colleagues. What happened is that one of the colleagues brought her husband and he also brought his friend, who now happens to be our bride’s future husband. There was a very natural connection between them and the conversation was going smoothly. Afterward, they went on some more dates and they would say that the magic arose from itself.

How They Asked

Marriage proposals are our favorite celebrations to organize, and more so if it is a proposal in Mallorca like the one for Laith and Kira. We are all speechless!

Do you know that Mallorca is one of the best places to celebrate a wedding proposal as the wedding day? Therefore, so many couples choose it! Well, in this article we will tell you how this marriage proposal was for this couple who came to Spain to commit to each other so you could get inspiration of your own. Will you accompany us to get all the details? Let’s begin!

An area with views of the Mediterranean Sea

There are areas that take one’s breath away, and Port Verd is one of them. And it’s sea views on the precious terrace and joined with a romantic garden which is one of its most precious attractions. For this reason, Laith didn’t doubt for a second that this was the place where he would get down on one knee and ask for her hand in marriage in Mallorca. When he contacted us, he told us about different options for different areas with sea views in Mallorca, we know more than 20! But it was already clear to him.

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The place, decorated in a very special way

The sea views alone already bring a magical setting, but if you accompany those with a few small details, they will add even more to the magical ambiance. When the couple arrived at the site, they were greeted with a fairy-tale decoration: big flower arrangements filled with pampas as an altar, mixed with red roses and green leaves – a dream! We also added some jute rugs to make the scene even more enchanting.

The moment arrived to kneel down!

After the girlfriend’s surprise, the boyfriend couldn’t wait any longer to get down on one knee and ask the big question to his girlfriend with a ring in his hand. She, without hesitating for a second, said yes with laughter and they automatically embraced in a long kiss and a warm embrace. The bride only thought she was going to have a snack by the sea and ended up being the protagonist of a proposal in Mallorca!

Styles that worked with the special moment

The bride wore a fresh, light, short-sleeved dress with short sleeves and full of little flowers, so spring-like! As for the groom, he chose to wear a classic white shirt and beige trousers. Both elegant and very Mallorcan, completely appropriate for the occasion of a proposal in Mallorca!

A floral gift for the bride

Giving a bouquet of flowers to the bride brings much more romance and magic to the moment, that’s why we took care of getting the flowers that the groom had asked us to give to the bride after his proposal in Mallorca. We put together a bouquet full of her favorites: roses in the same color and she was delighted!


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Always in the memory

Everything was captured in some amazing photographs! Whose work are they? By the great photographer Tanya Vasiliuk, who gets better and better with every wedding!

Sublime organization

Long live love and beautiful proposals! And the result wouldn’t be the same if the Wedding Planner in charge of organizing this wedding proposal wasn’t Natalia Ortiz. And at Weddings and Events by Natalia Ortiz, we are always willing to organize your marriage proposal so that this scene in your life will remain a memory forever.

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Mallorca is a unique destination for marriage proposals

The beaches and the sea views give a lot of play when proposing, because they allow you to ask the big question on the sand during a romantic candlelit dinner at sunset, with live music, among rose petals…

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Special Thanks

Tanya Vasiliuk
 | Photographer
Natalia Ortiz
 | Planning
 | Flowers
Port Verd Events
 | Venue