Kira and Brian | Engagement Session at the Fair


How We Met: Let’s see…it was 2006 and I had only been working in New York City for a few months at a medical publishing company when Brian was hired. Our personalities instantly clicked and we were fast friends.

As friends we talked about life, shared meals and had many laughs in our time spent in the publishing world and the years that would follow. Brian and I remained friends through the years and often kept in contact with each other to catch up on what was new in our lives.

After years of remaining friendly, Brian invited me out on a date to celebrate the end of my studies to become a teacher (whoa what was I thinking about teaching) in July 2010. I finally accepted Brian’s offer out on a date and we went out for food and drinks. At the end of the evening while waiting for the train together we had a blast and went our separate ways all the while feeling that something was different.

In two months’ time Brian invited me to be his date to his cousin Sheldon’s wedding. Thrilled to hang out with my “B-dubyah,” I, affectionately called “K-Rock” by Brian accepted and we had a great time. Who knew that when you take someone to your family’s wedding they would think that you were dating them?! Well, Brian certainly didn’t realize and neither did I.

When the match is right, it is right…perhaps that’s why Brian and I became boyfriend and girlfriend after that night.

how they asked: The culmination of our courtship came on March 7, 2014 when Brian’s hope of a bright, warm and sunny beach proposal near station 4 at Clearwater Beach in Florida was dashed. With the sky overcast and the wind whipping the sand into their mouths Brian laid the setting as best he could. Blanket…check…wine…check…strawberries…check…crackers and cheese…check…girlfriend secured and snuggled into his hoodie…check. I, completely oblivious listened intently as Brian talked about our relationship and how much he loved me when I realized that he was proposing!!! You could say him getting down on one knee was a huge clue, but who can say?

Brian always says and I definitely agree with him that we share everything together and the friendship we had and still have is the best thing about us. What better way to start in life together than friends…progress to husband and wife and partners in life.

He’s my “Shnookums” and I’m his “Babes,” the rest is history as they say.”

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Photography by Kesha Lambert Photography