Kira and Anthony

How We Met

Anthony and I actually met on Tinder! We started talking January of 2017 and started dating a few weeks later. I knew the first day I met him I would marry him – but he didn’t know that! Now we’ve been together for 2.5 years.

How They Asked

Anthony and I love to go on spontaneous day trips, so when he surprised me with a night in Ojai camping in a yurt, I didn’t think much of it. No suspicions. We get to the campsite, unload our bags and we’re going to head out to dinner. But he grabs his camera bag and says “I just want to snap a few pictures of the sunset”. I said “ok”, walked outside and then I hear him say “But, first…”. I turn around and he’s on one knee and asks “Will you marry me?”. I was SO SURPRISED! Time literally stood still. The first thing I said was “Oh my god are you serious?!?!”. I guess I paused too long because he was like “So is that a yes?” and I yelled YESSS!!!”. He put the ring on me, which was more beautiful than I ever could have imagined, and I cried like a baby.