Kinsey and James

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How We Met

The night that I met James was one I will always remember. It was April of 2014 and I was with some of my friends and we got invited to go to a fire in he hunting club at one of the camps. (Romantic, I know!) We showed up and everyone was talking and having a good time listening to music, a scene that was perfect for a weekend night in a small town. Well, I sat down on one of the picnic tables and James walked up and looked at me for awhile before introducing himself. He said “oh you’re Drew’s little sister, hey I’m James nice to meet you.”

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I smiled and told him my actual name and didn’t expect much more. But with my brother being somewhat known for being a duck hunter, I found myself getting quacked at all night long by this guy and for whatever reason, I found it cute and we ended up talking and I just remember laughing at his jokes all night long. Well, at the end of the night he very slickly asked me for my phone so that he could put his number in it and I could let him know when I got home safe. The rest is history for us and I cannot express how excited and grateful I am to spend the rest of my life with this man!

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how they asked

I had been bugging him for so long about taking pictures with me in the hunting club. We spend so much time out there and I had so many beautiful spots picked out where we could take cute pictures! Well, our good friend Sydney had agreed to take our pictures as test dummies for her because she had just gotten a new camera. Looking at the pictures though, you’d think she’s a professional! Anyway, this was just a few weeks before my college graduation and he told me we were going to take them the week before. So I was super excited and anticipated the day because we had never really dressed up and taken pictures together. I thought nothing of it and just thought we were doing them as his graduation gift to me. Well, we pulled down a road after finding a few spots for some shots. He was very specific about taking pictures on this one road and it was cute because it was almost like he had something planned out in his head for a good spot with good lighting and everything.

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So we started taking some shots with different poses and then his friend, Austin pulled down the road from the other way behind us. I said “oh look there’s Austin!” And when I said that, James said “oh yeah he’s got your present, turn around.” At this point, I was like what the heck is going on…. well, James walked to Austin’s truck and Sydney just kept snapping pictures and told me to keep looking at her. They both told me to close my eyes and keep them closed, so at this point my heart was racing and I was so confused about what was going down.

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The next thing I know, I feel something clawing at my side and when I opened my eyes, he was holding the cutest puppy I’d ever seen and handing him to me. Now, I had to question if he was really mine because James had always been against getting a puppy to propose or when you have a baby, all of that, because he always said “then what happens when the dog dies, then it’s just always sad and the memory is a sad one!” Well, he was mine and I was so so excited.

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But that wasn’t it… I was so distracted by this puppy that I didn’t even realize James had walked back behind me to get down on his knee and ask me to marry him with the most beautiful and perfect ring I could have ever dreamed of.

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Sydney went with him three months prior to this to get the ring from her aunt and uncle’s jewelry store so she knew he had the ring however, she was not aware that he was going to propose at this particular time because she just thought he was giving me the puppy, who we named Roscoe.

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In shock, I ran the opposite way down the road and finally came back so he could put the ring on my hand. I am so beyond happy that we got this whole ordeal on camera and that we have the amazing pictures to cherish forever!

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Special Thanks

Sydney Natto
 | Photographer
Austin Pettigrew
 | Planning