Kinjal and Sagar

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How We Met

Sagar and I were both looking for life partners through relatives, friends, and even matrimony sites such as and He came across my profile and instantly decided to send me an email through Facebook. His email was so cheesy that I smiled through all of it. I thought that if someone can make me smile through email then I should talk to him and see how it goes. I replied back to his email after a few days. Then we started talking regularly. After a month passed by of constant talking on the phone and through texts, we decided it was time to meet and get to know each other face to face. I flew to New York the first time where he came to pick me up at the airport with a bouquet of red roses. I had never been to New York City, so he made sure that I got to see all of the famous places like Central Park and Times Square. He introduced me to his friends at a dinner as well. After I came back home, we still continued to talk everyday. Then he was going to visit his mom and sister in California and asked if I would join him. I agreed to meeting his family but being the gentleman that he is, he made sure and met my family first and then took me with him. I was mesmerized by how well he had gotten along with my parents and siblings. His family was very sweet and treated me as a part of their own family. So i decided that I would choose him to be my life partner. After I came back from California, my parents saw how happy I was and instantly called his mom to make our relationship official.

how they asked

I had planned a regular visit to him in New York for the weekend. We met few of his other relatives on Saturday. He had told me that we are going out for lunch with his friends on Sunday morning. He came to pick me up at my hotel on Sunday morning and I was getting ready. While I was busy getting ready, he told me he needed to get his contacts from the car and did not return, which made me furious. I called him to see where he was and he did not pick up my call. Then I called his friend and he told me that Sagar has left a card for me. So I read the card, which said that I have disappeared and you have to follow the instructions on the card to get to me. The instructions on the card said to call his friend Shail and tell him to come pick me up. Shail came to pick me up and saw I was furious. When I got in the car, there was another card waiting for me, which said to go to a flower shop. When we got to the flower shop, there was a bouquet of red roses and another card waiting for me. This card said to go to a bakery next door. The bakery had cupcakes and another card waiting for me. This card said to go to a steakshop which Sagar worked at years ago. When I got to that shop, they had a pictures of Sagar for me and I had to guess where he was. I guessed where he was and it was not right. So his friend made me walk around and then took me to the right spot at a park by Hudson River in front of the New York City skyline. Sagar and all of his friends were waiting for me there. As soon as I got there, one of Sagar’s friend escorted me to the side and sagar and his friends did a big dance performance. At the end of the dance performance, he took me to the side, got down on his knee and he asked if I would marry him and I said YES without hesitating. It was the most beautiful day for me like a fairytale :) See the Video!!

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