Kinga and Nick

How We Met

I was a junior in college right around the time that dating apps first became popular. My friend had recently downloaded a dating app and told me that it was super fun and a good study distraction (lol). She eventually convinced me to also make an account, and we would browse through the guys on the app together. I had been talking to a few guys, but not really vibing with anyone enough to want to go on a date. However, this changed when I “matched” with Nick on a random Saturday night. He messaged me immediately and our conversations were effortless. I never wanted to stop texting him, and I would get butterflies anytime I heard my phone buzz. We were supposed to go on a date on Friday since he worked early in the morning during the week and I had class. By Tuesday night, Nick messaged me saying that he was so excited for our date that he could not wait, and was wondering if he could take me out that night instead! I said yes but immediately panicked. I had no outfit plans yet and was relying on the next few days to plan! I threw on the cutest dress I could find in my dorm room and did my hair and makeup as quickly as possible. When I went downstairs to my dorm lobby to meet Nick in person for the first time, it felt like my stomach was doing somersaults. The very first thing he said to me was “Wow, you are so beautiful”.

How They Asked

It was our 5 year dating anniversary and Nick had told me that he had a surprise planned for our big day. We made our way over to the Hyatt Regency resort in Scottsdale and walked to back of the resort, where they had this cute little lake. As we got closer, I noticed a private gondola lit up with candles and a gondolier waiting on board!

Where to Propose in Scottsdale, Arizona

We got on and began our ride right as the sun began to set. When the gondolier began to serenade us, I seriously felt as though we had a small piece of Venice right here in Arizona. I turned to Nick to remark what a perfect night it was, and he was down on one knee! I was overcome with emotion as soon as I realized what was happening. And of course, I said yes!

The dog in the picture is our pup Stewie! He is very excited for his parents to get married!

Kinga's Proposal in Scottsdale, Arizona