Kinga and Alex

How We Met

Alex and I lived in the same town for most of our lives. We went to high schools in the same district, both ran track, went to the same middle school and we never met. We are a grade apart. He was a quarterback on his football team and he went off to play in college. Our paths crossed in the summer where I was bartending in a steakhouse in our town.

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He got a job there and all my friends said there was a cute guy who started working there when I was on vacation. I would come in early to work just so I can talk to him. Alex came home from work one day and told his family there’s this really cute blonde girl that he wanted to get to know. Alex asked my friends if it was a good idea to talk to me or if I was seeing anyone.

They told him that I needed a guy like him in my life. He ended up sending me a text saying that I was the most beautiful girl to him and he would love to get to know me better and take me out on a date. It never worked out for us to go on a date but we finally found some time at the end of summer, right before he went back to college. Alex and I went on an ice cream date to a wonderful homemade ice cream shop called Capinaries in Mount Prospect, IL.

Kinga and Alex's Engagement in Idaho Springs, CO

Alex ordered a three scoop chocolate ice cream waffle cone. We sat outside in the garden and we had so much chemistry and Alex talked so much his ice cream ended up melting all over his hands, pants, and shirt. We talked for hours and neither of us wanted the date to end. It took us a little bit to actually start dating because Alex was so perfect and I kept thinking that he was too good to be true.

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Alex is one of the sweetest, selfless, and caring men there are. He has been my rock, my greatest supporter, and has pushed me to become better in every aspect of my life. He pushed me to follow my dreams and become a nurse. He is my best friend and I am so lucky to spend my life with him. My favorite thing is when Alex comes home saying hes been thinking about me all day and grabs his guitar and just starts singing me a song he wrote that day. He is my greatest adventure and we love to travel together.

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How They Asked

We were in Colorado visiting family. My family told us that we were going to go do a family photoshoot in the mountains because it is rare that everyone is together. I rushed to get ready and we all drove up to the mountain. My family got Alex to drive in a separate car saying there was more room for him in the other car. My sister in law’s brother drove the car I was in and my family texted him to keep stalling so that they can set everything up on the mountain. We stopped at grocery stores and made several stops to try and stall and the whole time I was wondering why everyone was in such a big hurry to leave when they keep asking for us to get stuff at the store. We drove up the mountain and kept stopping to look at random stuff and I had no idea what was going on.

When we got to the top, everyone in our car started walking toward the meadow where we were supposed to take family pictures. My sister in law met us halfway and shes like come here I need to show you something, grabbed my hand and walked me to Alex’s computer that was sitting on a log in the forest. She said, “follow the instructions.” I knew that what was happening at that point and I couldn’t stop crying.

I watched Alex’s video and at the end, it told me to meet him in the meadow with a picture of the view from the meadow that we have spent time at before. About 50 yards away was my family with a blush pink rose, then another 50 yards was my brother, his girlfriend, and my niece, and another 50 yards was my oldest brother who handed me my last rose. Alex was turned around in the meadow with a bouquet of roses.

I have always watched the bachelor and told him that they have crazy proposals so he incorporated my favorite show that we watch every Monday sipping our wine into the engagement. They all asked me if I would accept this rose. Alex said he heard me cry when he was waiting for me in the meadow.

I was so happy to see him standing there and wanted to jump into his arms. I could not stop crying. He told me that he knew from the second he met me that he wanted to spend his life with me. He got down on one knee and asked if I would like to spend the rest of my life with him. I am pretty positive I stuck out my hand and said yes before his words even came out when he was down on one knee. I do not think I ever stopped smiling all day.

Afterwards, he had a romantic candlelit dinner set up at the cabin and he cooked all my favorite foods and had my favorite wine, and desserts.

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