Kimmy and Justus

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How We Met

He knew me long before I had ever met him after he saw me one night at a student ministry at Missouri State that we both attended. His best friend whom is very involved in that specific student ministry invited my secret admirer to a dinner after finding out I would be there. It was there that I met this tall, quiet guy that had what I like to call a sprout on the top of his head (aka not quite a man bun, but going for the man bun). We were all headed to a 70’s themed roller skating night and everyone was dressed up except him; I thought he was being silly with his hair since he wasn’t dressed up but later when I stocked him on Facebook, I realized that that was not the case haha. Everyone at this dinner before the event knew that this guy had a big crush on me except for me and my best friend of course.

The whole time I was feeling weird vibes but couldn’t put a finger on it because my secret admire gave me no clues that he was into me. After offering to help everyone that was prepping the dinner and all of them denying my help, I finally sat down and started talking to this charming, interesting fella. We chatted for a very long time and I enjoyed every bit of it! I’m not the flirting type of girl, so since he wasn’t trying to flirt with me while trying to keep his cool I felt very comfortable talking to him. We ended up talking about some of our biggest dreams in life and how we wanted to serve the Lord in what we were working towards at the time. I ended up seeing this guy at a different event and all I could think about was him.

A couple of weeks went by when I received a friend request from him on Facebook and as silly as it might sound I got very excited. I started crushing on him more and more as time went by when one day he posted a video of a snake which is my biggest fear. I commented on the video when just about one hour later word got to my best friend that this guy was crazy about me. I was trying to keep it cool but I was totally freaking out inside. The next time I was at the student ministry he came up to me and asked how everything was going with what I had talked to him about at the dinner and also gave me some advice. He was so sincere and thoughtful. It wasn’t long before he messaged me on Facebook and unlike most guys who just say “hey!” or “what’s up?” he sent me a picture of himself holding a snake.

A couple weeks went by and after not talking because I gave him no hope that I was interested he decided to call it quits. But then, the craziest thing happened. I got home late one night and was thinking about him so I went back to that picture he messaged me to basically ponder on if I thought he was good enough for me. I know, I was definitely a snob. I still wanted to talk to him but was nervous to get into anything too soon. It was then that I somehow pressed a thumbs up in messenger and it sent! ah! It was then that I really confused this guy; I was embarrassed because I didn’t mean to send him a thumbs up in messenger; I mean, wouldn’t he know I was totally checking him out? I was short with him again when he messaged me back because it was a total accident but that’s when it all started! I found out later that him and his buddy got really confused about the message I sent so they decided to create some data! Turns out they made a chart and a graph with a bunch of data they put together about me to try and figure me out!

It didn’t take much longer when we were texting one day and I could tell he wanted to ask me out but after all the times of being short with him he was obviously nervous! I finally at one point told him where I would be the next day because he would be there too and that he could ask me my schedule. It took forever for him to respond, and I found out it was because he took a screen shot of the conversation and sent it to all his friends to determine if I wanted him to ask me out. He finally did!! We went out for chocolate shakes the next day. And from there, it was just a countdown until the rest of my life with him.

how they asked

I had just started another part time job when Justus asked me to make sure I asked off the 14th of May for his Mamaw’s birthday party his family and him were going to have at his house; so I did. My birthday was also coming up so one day Justus’s mom came to me with a gift saying that she just couldn’t wait until my birthday to give it to me! It was a beautiful white sundress that I tried on right away! Justus exclaimed that I should wear it for his Mamaw’s party because he liked it so much so I told him I would. This was two weeks before the fact.

To go back a little, Justus and I had talked about getting married a couple times. We had talked about rings before, but he had explained to me that he wanted everything to be a surprise and anytime I tried to bring it up to hopefully get a hint he wouldn’t let me talk about it. Turns out he got the ring 5 months into us dating! My best friend and I constantly chatted about when he would hopefully propose for what seemed like months. We were both clueless!

My best friend had been with me the morning of the proposal after spending the night and if you know my friend she’s one to tell me everything, we don’t keep secrets from each other so I figured if Justus were to tell her she’d give it away. She spent the whole morning with me running errands with me but made up this long story about how she had to leave to see her family that afternoon. Instead, she was headed over to my boyfriends house to spend the whole day setting up their woods as an enchanted forests for the proposal! When I got to Justus’s house his mom was standing outside casually watering her flowers and explained that we had to wait about 15 minutes to go in because of the insect bomb and that everyone for the party was on the back deck.

While talking to her, Justus called and told me to come out to the woods because he wanted to show me a tree that was hit by lightening. Turns out my little brother and Justus’s buddies were in a tree by the gate to there house waiting and watching for my arrival! Justus’s family was on the back deck like Kelly said as I walked back to the woods. When I got back to the woods I was surprised to see what looked like an enchanted fairytale with lanterns, picked flowers, and pictures of Justus and I from dating.

The best part was when I turned the corner down a pathway of flowers leading to my handsome man who was all dressed up in a suite. It was then that I lost it!

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It was a huge magical surprise that I am still stunned by! He worked so hard all day with his mom, his sister and my best friend to make the back of his woods look like a beautiful enchanted forest!

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After Justus proposed we walked out of the woods to see my family who I thought had dinner plans, my best friend who I thought was with her family and a bunch of family and friends! I was stunned that everyone was there making it all the more special! When I went inside after lots of hugs and tears I was again surprised with sunflower decorated sweets which is my favorite flower and a time well spent with all my friends and family! It was truly the most special night I’ve ever experienced! I was completely surprised and incredibly stunned by all the love and support from all my friends and family! I found out later that Justus didn’t just call my dad and ask permission to ask me to marry him but went over to my families house to ask my parents and all my 4 siblings for there permission. The excitement from all my sibling when Justus asked there permission was so exciting and sweet to hear about! Justus gave me a magical night that I will never forget!

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