Kimmie and Sergio

How We Met

I went on a religious mission trip to Arizona in 2014 and my trainer, Stefany, was from Bolivia, 1.5 years later- at the conclusion of the mission trip- I saved up the money to able to go visit her between semesters in school. We got invited to a party by SERGIO (my fiance) and when we arrived, he asked me to dance! Little did he know that I had no idea how to do that :) he taught me the whole night and we all had a blast! We hung out every day over the trip (Stefany, Sergio, and I) right up until the moment I left for home.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Cochabamba, Bolivia

Kimmie and Sergio Raul's Engagement in Cochabamba, Bolivia

He left an enormous impression on me as being so respectful, fun, outgoing, motivated. We kept in touch and grew our relationship little by little. I made a return trip to Bolivia about 9 months later- not as a tourist, but as a girlfriend this time! After several, back and forth trips, and our New Years Eve proposal, we are now planning a May wedding! I’ve never met someone so giving and supportive as him, he is an incredible partner to go through the hard times with and come out hopeful and still positive in the end. I honestly could go on and on!

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Cochabamba, Bolivia

How They Asked

On New Year’s Eve 2018, Sergio surprised me by taking us to the Cochabamba LDS temple. This worship center is normally closed on Mondays, but he called ahead, so we had the entire grounds to ourselves. The Cochabamba Bolivia Temple is where he had kissed my forehead the first trip when I had met him and where we had served as volunteers for a couple of months, in a returning trip together. It has enormous personal and religious significance to us! He lined the winding paths with balloons and pictures of us. At each one, he stopped and told the story of the picture or quote he had written down. It was a perfect, detailed description of our journey together. At the end of the path, he had balloons and a bouquet of flowers on a bench.

He smiled at me and knelt down. I cannot describe the joy that overcame me! From head to toe, I felt a rush of warmth and chills. I cried from being so happy! He is the most incredible partner and I am so excited to have him by my side for life and forever! With our Visa Application ahead, we ask for your prayers and well wishes. We plan a May 2019 wedding in Bolivia and to live there until we are granted the Visa to return in early 2020, to permanently reside around the Seattle area.

Special Thanks

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Rebeka Magoga
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