Kimmie and Josh

How We Met

One of the first time Josh and I ever hung out was while we were in a rock climbing group to get top rop certified. We didn’t talk very much, however the next day I got a message asking when I was able to go rock climbing. We went climbing the next week and I was quickly swept away by his sweet, protective and kind nature. He cheered me on and when I was nervous about letting go of the wall, he tooled me in the eyes and told me he would never let me fall and he continues to hold true to that. Our following dates consisted of middle of the night beach trips, trying out new coffee shops, and giving each other tours of our hometowns via Google maps. Needless to say, regardless of him saying he would never let me fall, I fell very quickly for this man and continue to fall harder every day.

how they asked

When I was nine years old, I was diagnosed with cancer and as I was going through chemotherapy, the beach was one of the few places I was cleared to go to escape. Now celebrating 11 years as a survivor, it continues to be my favorite place. From the first day, Josh and I have loved going on adventures together. The beach has been one that has played a big role in our relationship. When Josh and I were first seeing each other, he planned a beach outing for us, complete with a surprise picnic, wine glasses and sparkling cider. This was where we shared our first kiss. Two years later, I was driving to a retreat at the beach with two friends and they decided it would be fun to have dinner at a restaurant on the beach.

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This was the same beach where Josh and I had our first kiss. I told them the story as we were driving up, little did I know that he would be there waiting for me. My two friends suggested that we should walk on the beach since it was such a beautifully sunny day out (unusual for the Oregon coast). We started walking and before long, I saw Josh standing there with a dozen roses. My heart was pounding as we started walking away as I looked back and saw my friends smirk and walk away. We came upon a gorgeous canopy with a table and chairs, candles, sparkling cider with wine glasses, and our journal.

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From the first month that we had been dating, we had put ticket stubs, pictures, captions and letters in that journal and switched back and forth as the months went on. Josh told me he had updated it and to look through it. He had added pictures, ticket stubs and wrote a letter at the end. The letter explained how long he has known he wanted to marry me and explained all the reasons why.

At the end of the letter, there was an arrow pointing to the next page which had a picture of a ring box on it and the caption said “Turn Around”. I turned around to find the love of my life on one knee asking me to do life with him.

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