Kimmie and Aaron

Image 1 of Kimmie and Aaron

How We Met

We are a Tinder success story! He was the only person I agreed to go on a date with! I just had this gut feeling that he was going to be great!

Image 2 of Kimmie and Aaron

How They Asked

Every year during the first weekend of December we go to Houdes Tree Farm in MA to cut down our own tree! We then spend the weekend decorating the tree, watching movies, and making cookies! This year when we went, he seemed nervous and not all that into picking out a tree!

Image 7 of Kimmie and Aaron

Image 5 of Kimmie and Aaron

He kept looking around and wanted to leave the tree picking up to me! Little did I know–he was looking around to make sure the private photographer was in sight! After selecting a tree, I offered to give it a go and to start cutting it down!

Image 6 of Kimmie and Aaron

Image 4 of Kimmie and Aaron

When I got up from cutting the tree (or attempting to!) he was down on one knee! Aaron even mailed champagne and tree decorations to the private photographer so we could celebrate! It was the easiest decision!!! YES YES YES!

Image 3 of Kimmie and Aaron

Image 8 of Kimmie and Aaron

Special Thanks

Katie Karlberg
 | Photographer