Kimmi and Anthony

How We Met

We met 8 years ago at a funeral, and four years ago we rekindled! And ever since then he’s been my forever and always! He inspires me to be better for myself and for us. He can always make me laugh, and always puts me first!

how they asked

It was on his families beach vacation and the first night we were there, and he wanted to go fishing! He always sets two poles out just incase there’s a bite! I was sitting in the sand with his family and he called me over to him. I got up and he handed me the pole, so naturally I thought he was baiting the other pole because he got a big fish! So I started reeling it in, and then he got in front of me, knee in the water and asked me if I would steal his t- shirts for the next 50 years! After four years of living this man, I had hoped and wished for this day to come! I could not be happier!

Special Thanks

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