Kimberlyn and Matt

How we Met: Matt and I met on Christian you can see who views your profiles, so one day I was going through my recent views. Matts picture popped up and I thought he was cute. I clicked on his picture, and re-affirmed the fact that he was cute. I didn’t have a subscription, so I couldn’t message him, but you can send “smiles” I sent him one. And not long after that I had a new message. I couldn’t read it unless I bought the subscription, so for him and him only I paid 30 bucks just so we could chat back and forth a few times. I gave him my number, and never got back on again. He texted me randomly one morning – I’m from Houston he’s from Indianapolis, so there is a conflict in football interests, he texted me a picture of colts and said “I heard you’re a huge Colts fan” his wittiness is another reason I was immediately attracted to him. We texted throughout all my classes that day. He set me a picture of him and I responded “do you have red hair?!” (I love red heads) and he said “blondish red” and I said “I’m going to marry you” I took a screen shot of that, and still have it today to show at our wedding. We dated for 3 months long distance with 4 visits, and lots of FaceTime dates, and then he proposed.

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how they asked: We went to church Sunday morning, that afternoon we were supposed to have Christmas with his family, so I was told to dress nice. I didn’t think anything of it. We at through church, Matt was fidgeting a lot, but he does sometimes, a friend of ours, Anne was there and she sat by us. About 15 minutes before church was supposed to be over Matt kissed my forehead and said “I’ll be right back, I love you” he never came back. Anne didn’t know anything either. I left my phone is the car so she texted him and he said he didn’t feel good and that he’d be out in a second. I felt bad): I didn’t like him being sick on our Christmas with his family, plus we were going to drive all the way back to Texas later for Christmas with my family. We sat at a table near the front doors and waited for him. Maybe 15 minutes later someone grabs my arm from behind, and at first I thought it was Matt but it was his best friend David. He said “you’re comin with me” so I followed. HIM, he opened his back door and there were beautiful red roses and a card. The card was a clue that led us to starbucks. David toldme to go in and ask for samantha, so I did, and handed me my already made coffee and another clue. David was clearly wasting time and just driving after that clue, which kept me guessing. Eventually he pulled up somewhere and said “I need to find you a quicker way to matt” and I was thinking yes please! I missed him so much already, but I knew he was orchestrating everything. David came out of the building he went into, and told me to grab all m stuff so I did. I was escorted outside to a white helicopter. The pilot helped me buckle up put a headset on and we took off. I asked him where we were going and he said downtown, at this point I knew what was going to happen, and I was just getting more and more excited to see matt, so I was thinking if all the things he could do maybe he’d be waiting when the helicopter landed ect. From above reform we did land I saw his friend Michael waiting with a video camera. The pilot handed me another clue, and Michael helped me out of the copter. There was a luxury escalade and a personal driver waiting for me. The car drove around and parked infront of Lucas oil stadium, I got out and walked up the stairs and matts brother was there to give me my last clue. This lead us the middle of indianapolis, a beautiful tall monument surrounded by stairs, he took me here the first time I came to indy, and then again a few days earlier, he said those few day earlier when we went was so exciting because he was thinking, “in just a couple days I’ll be in this exact spot asking her to marry me” I started walking up the stairs, a man walked up to me and asked if I was kimberlyn, I told him I was and then him and three other men started singing love songs to me. That was a little bit awkward, but I wouldn’t have changed it for the world. Matt came f behind me and I have him a huge hug. He didn’t waste anytime, he looked me in the eyes an said “I love you so much, and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you” on that note, he took a knee and asked will you marry me. I was so shocked and excited and happy that the first thing I said was “you wanna marry me??!” Haha I hugged him and if course said yes, I completly forgot about my ring, he had to remind me “did you want to put your ring on?” i loved every second of it and I remember every detail I was sure to stay in the moment when I was there because that will only happen once in my whole life.

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