Kimberly-Jane and Andrew

How We Met

7 Years of waiting, from that moment when I saw Andy, I knew I was going to marry him. I wanted to marry him; we met wearing the same color- my dress, his shirt and from that moment on it was history.

How They Asked

A seven-day family cruise to Puerto Rico, British Virgin Islands, American Virgin Islands, and leaving the engagement to the last destination which Andy had planned being the most beautiful and romantic which it 100% was! I’ve always spoken about having family included in my engagement day as we are very close with each others family, so he had pulled this into his plan which I will cherish for the rest of my life moving on.

After a day swimming with turtles and dolphins, he asked if I wanted to explore a private island which our captain could get us onto, of course, I said ‘YES’ which would be the destination of our forever.

Where to Propose in Bahamas Nassau- Sandy Toes, Rose Island

We arrived on the White coral sandy beach, water that resembled your reflection and all the bursts of colors which made it a dream ( including my pink flamingo bought over from the UK).

Kimberly-Jane's Proposal in Bahamas Nassau- Sandy Toes, Rose Island

Andy chose to ask very quickly due to timings, and he knew I would want great photo’s, so lead me to the edge of the sand where his parents Arthur, mother Coral, brother Gregory and his girlfriend Elena watched with anticipation and tears as well as being the videographers and photographers.

Andy took me by the hand, by this moment I didn’t realise until he started telling me with great love and emotion in his eyes how ‘ He’s watched us grow as people not only as a couple’, which I loved as we had, moving from South Africa through to London two years back, getting incredible jobs and buying our first home together, as well as telling me the love and patience we have for each other, the obstacles we have been through and how this has all now gotten to the point where he needs to take our love that much further, which on one knee Andy asked me to marry him on those white sandy beaches of Rose Island in the Bahamas and I’m so blessed he did.

Kimberly-Jane and Andrew's Engagement in Bahamas Nassau- Sandy Toes, Rose Island

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Bahamas Nassau- Sandy Toes, Rose Island

I have a fiance, and OH, my ring is exactly what I imagined that night of our meeting. He took all this time and boy did he do it well. I felt so much love on that beach, and that’s precisely what I would I have wanted to be with our family in paradise and to come home to all the love and wishes of friends. Love the Future Mr. and Mrs. Willox.

Proposal Ideas Bahamas Nassau- Sandy Toes, Rose Island

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Special Thanks

Elena Checker
 | Girlfriend of my future brother in law
Gregory Willox
 | future brother in law