Kimberly and Mike's Movie Trailer Proposal

How We Met

Mike and I met on okcupid, an online dating website. We had our first date on May 17, 2012 and it was definitely love at first site! We had this amazing connection. As time went by, there were signs of how much we were meant to be for one another. My father helped him with getting started in his career of film and television, while I was his mothers match as a kidney donor. His mother went through a kidney transplant when Mike was just a baby and that kidney started to fail. I got tested and was a match to donate. I was very excited to be able to give her life. On June 23, 2015, We went and got the surgery. She did amazing! I feel so very blessed that I was able to help her.

how they asked

On December 22, 2015, my mother, his mother and I went for a girls night to go see a movie (we always hangout so I thought nothing of it.) We walked in, sat down and a few movie trailers started playing. One started to play where I recognized the actor as Mike’s friend and I knew he wants to be an actor so I thought he actually made it into a film! Mike hired actors to portray us. Then as the trailer goes on, every scene related to our story and I started to put the pieces together. My name was mentioned and I lost it. I cried with pure happiness, nervousness and excitement. I couldn’t believe this was the moment.

Image 1 of Kimberly and Mike

At the end of the trailer, the actor who portrayed Mike and Mike himself are talking about how he’s ready to propose to me. It then shows him walking into the theater where we were, I turn around and he comes down the aisle.

Image 2 of Kimberly and Mike

Little did I know, everyone in the theater was our family and friends who all knew about this! I was so happy to celebrate this with everyone who was there. Mike is truly my one true love!

Image 3 of Kimberly and Mike

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