Kimberly and Michael

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How We Met

I had become very close with a coworker of mine and over 2 years ago (September 2014) she invited me to a party being thrown by her sister’s friends. Michael was invited to the same party because his sister is close friends with my friend’s older sister. The party was a beer Olympics where we were all on teams and competing in different beer games (beer pong, flip cup, etc.) Michael and I locked eyes while our teams were competing against each other in flip cup and we ended up standing directly across from each other. We all ended up going back to my friend’s sisters house and he and I work up on two different couches next to each other after talking all night. We got together a week later and have been inseparable ever since!

how they asked

Michael had been weird about his phone for a few weeks so I knew something was up but with Christmas a month away, I figured it was something to do with a Christmas present or maybe a Christmas proposal. Little did I knew that he was hiding dozens of conversations he had been having with my family and friends to arrange this amazing proposal. The morning of, my sister invited me to go get our nails done and said she also had to drop something off in the Mill City area. I got to her house and my 3 year old niece was shouting that she was going to be a flower girl in my wedding. I still didn’t think anything of it because we had discussed this before but really it was because Michael had been over there the night before showing them the ring and planning the final details of the proposal.

So we are driving to get out nails done and I am proudly saying I think Michael is proposing at Christmas meanwhile my sister is laughing to herself knowing what is coming. We get our nails done and she drives to the place where she is “dropping something of.” She parks, leaves the car running, grabs something, and runs inside. I didn’t even know where we were and suddenly Michael is walking towards me all dressed up. I am beyond confused when he tells me to get out of the car. I wasn’t so sure about it but he got me out and starts walking with me telling me where we are. We are at a hospital where his niece was born 2 years ago where we ended up saying I love you to each other for the first time.

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I start to realize what is happening when I start hearing music and he tells me my friends have come to help. That’s when I turn around and see my three best friends and my two cousins (all my bridesmaids, including my sister) holding those signs and I just lose it.

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He proposes, I say yes, and everyone cheers.

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My mom pops out from behind the bushes where she was taking photos, his parents wave from the building up high where they are taking pictures, and I run out to hug everyone. The best part is that the guitarist (Matt Browne) just happened to be at the hospital for thanksgiving event and he agreed to be a part of the proposal at the last minute! He will also be playing at our wedding.

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