Kimberly and Christopher

Kimberly's Proposal in Playstation Theater, New York, New York

How We Met

Our story is a rather interesting one, Christopher and I met at a dance company we were apart of back in 2012 and right away I did not like him. He was everything I wanted to be as a person but couldn’t get myself to break free from the basic mold society gives us. He was so energetic, cheery, never feared embarrassment or what others thought of him, he was a risk taker, enjoyed every moment as if it was his last and so much more.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Playstation Theater, New York, New York

He was the complete opposite from me when it came to love and relationships, he took chances and put himself out there knowing life was an adventure. I, on the other hand, was hurt by love and would never think to just take a chance on someone or open up and enjoy the ride with a complete stranger. I had this list that if a guy did something embarrassing like sneeze too loud, or trip over himself I would immediately put him on that list and move on to the next one. It was a rather ridiculous list looking back at it, summing up that no guy would ever be with me since we are human and do embarrassing stuff all the time.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Playstation Theater, New York, New York

Due to dancing together, we would always go out to eat after rehearsals with the whole company or sometimes just with him and my sisters and just talk for hours. It wasn’t until we had a very deep conversation that made me really reevaluate how I think towards love, towards life, and even how I act, and I realized I wasn’t enjoying life to the fullest nor was I able to be the real me.

Christopher then asked me to throw away my list of ridiculous things and take a chance in life, in love, and in people. Little did I know he was actually hinting on me taking a chance on him, which is quite funny because I would always pick up on those things, but this was different… he was different and it definitely caught me off guard.

It wasn’t until a year later after being friends from that point on, that in August he asked me to be his girlfriend, I said yes and well the rest of my life was an adventure. Fast forward five years into the relationship, we have been through tough times and made it out stronger with God at the center of it, real and genuine love still exists and one thing I learned is taking risks can lead to the best moments in your life.

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October 12, 2018

I always wondered how I was going to propose to Kimberly, was it going to be in a helicopter over the city, was I going to hire a band and have them come out of nowhere while we were sitting on a bench in the central park. Would I do a scavenger hunt and have her entire family involved. These were thoughts that I always pondered in our 5-year relationship and then it hit me like I got struck by lighting in an instant.

I knew exactly how I was going to propose to the woman of my dreams. I wouldn’t ask her father for permission to have his daughters hand, in my heart that felt too obvious. I wanted to surprise her I wanted the moment to be authentic to our very lives.

We are faith driven people Kimmy and I, when we started dating we decided on one thing in our relationship and that was to Keep God at the Center at all times. With that being said, I had planned for us to attend a concert at the Playstation Theatre with our favorite Christian artists, Elevation worship.

I guess what made this so special was that I had heard from God deep down in my spirit that, that day would be the day. As cliche as that sounds I really believe that God orchestrated this entire event.

A week prior it was placed in my heart to purchase the ring for Kimberly, and the day of the event I went in a Jewelry store (Jared) hoping to just browse, but when I saw the diamond ring with that blue sapphire in the center I knew that was the one. Overwhelmed with the emotion of excitement and nervousness I bought the ring and let God do the rest.

Kimberly and Christopher's Engagement in Playstation Theater, New York, New York

We would arrive at the concert, all the while I’m asking God to reveal to me the right moment, silent at first, then with no avail I heard him say towards the end of the concert. “ My Grace is upon you and Kimberly, you have my blessing to ask Kimberly to be your wife. All I ask is that you love her unconditionally just how Christ loves the church.” That would be my confirmation and with that I asked God how, he gave me direction, he told me that once the concert was finished, to ask Kimmy to take a picture ( she beat me to that question) and the man who was standing behind me the entire concert would be the one to record the proposal. So I did just that, while Kimmy was setting up for the picture I asked the gentlemen behind me to pretend to take a picture, I told him “ I’m about to propose to my girlfriend, could you pretend to take a picture but actually hit the record button while it’s happening.” With much excitement, the gentlemen agreed.

As we were setting up for the picture so much was running through my mind, would they kick us out, would I be in the way, I hope I’m doing this right. I put all those thoughts to the side and looked at Kimmy and said you ready. With my hand in my side pocket I looked intently in her eyes and got down on one knee, I really didn’t have much planned to say, so I said the one thing that mattered in that moment, “Kimberly would you be my Wife” in front of what I thought was a million people which was really about ( 1,000 ) not being distracted by any of the cheering I watched her in disbelief, and then watched her face say those magic words “ YES”.

So above all else, this wasn’t the fanciest proposals, but it was special to Kimmy and I. It confirmed our faith and it was spontaneous and lovely and God was at the Center of all of it.

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