Kimberly and Andrew

Image 3 of Kimberly and AndrewHow we met: We met almost 3 years ago in the most unexpected place, a club in downtown San Diego. I say unexpected because we both really dislike clubs and prefer to go to low key bars or have people over at home. We both were dragged out by different groups of friends for a birthday party of a friend we just all happened to know. I remember seeing him out of the corner of my eye and thinking he was cute, but I was out to have fun and was not about to make the first contact. Turned out Andrew had noticed me as well and had bought me a drink. Right as he got near me to start talking to me someone must of bumped him and the entire drink spilled all over me. Normally I would have been pretty upset, but when I looked at Andrew to see his reaction I saw this big embarrassed smile, and for whatever reason when I saw that smile, I knew that I needed to get to know him more. We ended up exchanging numbers at the end of the night.

Couple days later Andrew called me to ask me on a date, I was a bit nervous since we had a met at a club and I wasn’t sure that we would have too much in common. As soon as we got seated at dinner we couldn’t stop talking and finding out how much common interests we had and the coincidence of meeting somewhere we both weren’t really planning on going to begin with. Timing really is everything.

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how they asked: Andrew and I love to travel and have been to many places over the last couple years, and one of our favorite places we have visited is Hawaii. We both had been working a ton prior to going on this trip so I hadn’t really given much thought to our plans. I knew that Andrew had an “air tour” planned on our 2nd day there, so I assumed it meant helicopter tour. We woke up very early to get ready and that’s when Andrew told me we were going skydiving! Skydiving was on my bucket list, but Andrew is afraid of heights, this was a complete surprise! I never thought we would do this together. Skydiving over Kauai was what I thought was the best moment of my life, so beautiful, so much adrenaline, and most importantly we had done this together.

The plan after was to go on a hike somewhere, and we had mentioned it to the skydiving instructors. The instructor then drew a map that was pretty vague and said if you can find this, it will be the best hike on the island. We spent the next couple hours looking for the trail. We had to jump a fence, pass a couple signs and it led us to the top of the ridge towards the Na Pali Coast. At the very end of the ridge was the most incredible view with coastline, waterfalls, and jungle all around just us.

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Andrew then pulled out a photo book out of our backpack. I make Andrew a photo book after all our big trips that way it’s in print and easy for us to look back at, so I thought it was just a really thoughtful gift. The first page said, “The story of us,” and the book showed all our adventure and travels throughout the past years. When I got to the last page, it was such a blur, he had written a thoughtful note, but all I saw was “Will you Marry me?” ,I was shaking with so much excitement that Andrew didn’t need to stay on one knee long because I was already hugging him before he could get the words out.

I didn’t think the rush of skydiving could be topped, but being proposed to in such the perfect way for us, now that’s an experience and adrenaline rush that will never be topped.

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