Kimberly and Trey

How We Met: I had just started my Freshmen year of college and I took a job at Firehouse. I had come out of a long and not so fun relationship. I was SO over men. And when I met Trey I rolled my eyes because I knew he would be just another boy I’d have to deal with. But, he surprised me. He wasn’t interested in me or anyone. He had decided all women were evil because they kept breaking his friends hearts. So, we both essentially hated each other at first. But somehow we eventually realized that we didn’t hate each other so much. He wasn’t like other guys, and I wasn’t like other girls. He wasn’t smooth at ALL. He would flirt with me and try to say smooth things or do something smooth and he would fail. And it was adorable. It meant he hadn’t had practice swooning a bunch of girls. And he always tells me I was just striking. I was weird and pretty and spunky. But, mainly weird in a way he loved. We fell in love and dated for 2 and 1/2 years.

Image 1 of Kimberly and Trey

how they asked: The day started with an early rise to go out of town. He was taking me to go hunting for the very first time! To say I was ecstatic would be an understatement. Ever since I was a little girl I swore I would marry a man to take me hunting and we would have a lab that would go duck hunting with us. I have very specific dreams, ha!

We spent the day dove hunting and that evening we ate with friends and family. It was an INCREDIBLE day. One of the best days of my life. We went to leave and he wanted to drive but I was paranoid about other people driving my car so I insisted on driving. This made his job difficult.

I was taking him home when he asked me to turn onto a street that didn’t go to his house. I was adamant that I would NOT go the way he was asking because it would take longer. We argued, and finally I decided to turn. Then, he asked me to turn again and my heart started pounding. This was the street that the plantation is on that I said I was going to buy at the age of 10ish and my favorite platation on earth. And he knew this, very well. I was freaking out!! We stopped right in front and he proposed to me in front of my favorite place on earth with my great grandmothers ring. I still can’t believe it really happened!!

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