Kimberly and Travis

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How We Met

“How many?” I asked.
He laughed.
“Five. We will take our usual table.” He quickly replied.
I smiled at the bearded gentleman and bowed my head.
“Then show me the way.” I replied with a wave of my hand.
I was a hostess at a popular bar, working my way through college. I did not have much vision for the future, except for my career. A boyfriend was not part of the plan.
Little did I know that the man I just spoke to would be the man I would marry, the father of my beautiful son, the love of my life.
We talked for hours that night (since he chose a table close to my hostess stand).
He loved country music, I did not.
I loved classic literature, he loved cars.
We were complete opposites,but something about him felt right. Something about him felt like home.
He got my number that evening (after much persuation on his part).
And after two months of texting, late night phone chats, countless dinners, and several silly dates later we were a couple.
He loved my big blue eyes and free spirit. I loved his beard and devotion to his family.
We were far from a matched made in heaven, but I know we were still meant to be.

how they asked

2016 was the best and worst year of my life.
In one year I graduated college, had a son (Jackson Grant Ortego) and moved in with my wonderful loving boyfriend, Travis Ortego.
But I also lost my grandfather to a stroke and my father to a car accident the day after Thanksgiving.
However,no matter the pain and struggle, Travis was by my side. He proudly cheered me as I accepted my diploma, lovingly celebrated the birth of our son, and grieved with me when I lost two wonderful men.
We had discussed marriage several times, but under the circumstances we agreed our happily ever after would have to wait.
So when we came back to Dallas, Texas after spending the holiday with my family, I never expected a proposal.
But on New Years Eve, after we had goofishly finished dancing, he grabbed me by the hand and sheepishly looked me in the eyes and pulled out a ring.
“Before we leave I have a question.”
I giggled and covered my mouth. To my side, my sister screamed and my best friend jumped up and down.
“Will you marry me?” he whispered.
I grabbed his freshly shaved face and said, “Well of course!”
We kissed and rang the new year in happier than ever.
He took the hardest time of my life and gave it new meaning.
It was simple, but it meant the world to me.

Proposal Ideas My sister's apartment.

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