Kimberly and Thiago

Where to Propose in Liberty State Park, Jersey City, NJ

How We Met

Thiago and I have unknowingly lived across the street from one another since 2007. We’ve gone to the same school for years, but neither one of us ever really talked to one another! Once we were in high school and the sad and dark days of puberty were over, we finally began to notice one another. We had plenty of mutual friends and he even briefly dated a friend of mine at the time! I developed a huge crush on him my junior year, but he still didn’t really notice me until my last year of high school. We started speaking to one another all thanks to a school event we both participated in. A few days later, I received the most beautiful and heart racing text any high school girl with a huge crush could ever receive… “hey.” Annnnd the rest is history!

how they asked

My sweet friends invited me to be a part of a video shoot for a friend who was trying to build a portfolio for videography. I thought nothing of this considering my friends and I do fun little things like this often! Throughout the shoot, our photographer directed us to pose and do things in groups, but was secretly only filming me! They got me gooooood. I had so much fun taking pictures and hanging with the girls that a proposal could not be further from my mind. Our photographer rushes us to get to one section of Liberty State Park by the water because “the sun was setting and the shots wouldn’t turn out great with darker lighting” which was totally believable because the sun was really going to set in a few minutes.

Next thing I know, I’m being directed to walk by the water and then I see it: Thiago, candles, pumpkins, all of my favorite things, waiting for me at the edge of the pier.

Annnnd the sobbing begins.

Moments later, Thiago gets down on one knee, opens up a box with my dream ring inside, and asks if I’ll marry him.


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