Kimberly and Robert

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Desert Breeze Park in Chandler AZ

How We Met

We have known each other since middle school. We were really close friends through high-school, the same friend group and graduated together. We didn’t get together romantically until his last year in college. I am a huge believer in timing and the universe waited for the perfect time to bring us together!

Proposal Ideas Desert Breeze Park in Chandler AZ

Kimberly and Robert's Engagement in Desert Breeze Park in Chandler AZ

How They Asked

I was so surprised. I always thought I would have seen it coming but he totally shocked me! We had just gone to the pet store to get a new harness for our dog and he said: “let’s go to the park and test it out”. He brought me to a park that is down the street from where we live and we go there regularly (it is one of our favorite places to go). We started walking a bit around the lake and he pulled my arm to turn me and I watched him start going down on one knee. I remember my heart started racing so fast. All I remember is him saying “you are the love of my life” and I couldn’t hear anything else because I was in such shock! I kept asking him if it was really happening. And all I remember after is him asking if I said yes yet so he could stand up. And of course, I said yes!!

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