Kimberly and Ritchie

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How We Met

We met in college and became really good friends, he was always there for me. We started dating about seven months after we met and have been together ever since. Ritchie asked me to his fraternity spring formal on Valentine’s day. Ironically before Ritchie and I had started talking, I had promised a girlfriend of mine that we would treat each other to dinner on Valentine’s day.

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When I got home Ritchie had covered my bed in chocolate with a poster asking me to the dance. The day of the dance we volunteered at a local horse farm. I took a nap when I got back so I would be ready to go to the dance. Ritchie asked me out by putting a sticky note on my forehead and woke me up. This February will mark six years together.

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how they asked

The proposal happened on a beach trip in South Carolina with a large group of friends. We had driven into Charleston for a day of festivities, including revisiting a botanical garden on the historic Magnolia Plantation. We had visited the plantation a few years prior on another trip and I thought it was a little weird that he requested we go back but everyone thought it would be fun and pretty so we went.

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We walked through the gardens and it was so hot and humid. We got a little lost and then all of our friends dropped back. I thought it was weird and I just wanted to get out of the gardens so Ritchie and I trudged along. After a minute or two Ritchie stopped and told me to put my things down. I was a little shocked considering I was carrying my DSLR and my purse. He insisted and I hesitated but eventually complied. He took my hand and walked me over to a small white bridge.

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As we were walking Ritchie was talking about how we had been dating for five year, and how we couldn’t just keep doing this, and then asked me to be his wife. He stopped at the middle of the bridge and got down on one knee, when he opened the box he revealed the ring of my dreams. I said yes, and then immediately asked him if he was sure.

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Ritchie: Planning the proposal was quite simple because we were already planning the trip to Charleston, one of Kim’s favorite cities. It was just a matter of making sure everyone was there on time, and that Kim did not see the handing off of the ring. One of our friends had it hidden in her camera bag and then passed it off to one of my groomsmen to hand to me. It was perfect, except for one tiny detail, I proposed on the wrong bridge. I was planning to propose on a large white bridge that overlooked the largest part of the garden. I got a little antsy and proposed when I saw a white bridge, I didn’t notice my mistake until we walked by the larger bridge later.

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