Kimberly and Rahul

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How We Met

It all began with a cake. My cousin was celebrating her christening and I volunteered to do the cake for the event. As luck would have it, Rahul was tasked with helping me transport the three tier cake to the venue. While we didn’t talk much on the journey there (I was exhausted from all the baking activities and Rahul is a generally quiet and shy person) , fate intervened in the form of his uncle who introduced us formally and got us talking.

We spoke for quite sometime, he was funny and charming. And may have won me over when he asked me what my star sign was ( coz I am cheesy enough to believe in that sort of thing) and further when we realized we watch the same TV shows. He took my number down on the pretext of sending me pictures from the party and before the week was over we had a dinner date that coincidentally happened to fall during the valentine’s day weekend.

To say I was nervous would be an understatement. But Rahul showed me he was equally nervous when he literally forgot how to drive, first taking the wrong route to the restaurant and then by skipping a traffic signal . We had a good laugh about the incident but it did wonders in ensuring the rest of the date went off smoothly.

From then on we spent every weekend together, so much so that when I had to leave on a family holiday in May and would not be present for my birthday he threw me a surprise birthday lunch with my friends and family and gifted me the most thoughtful gift ever a photo scrapbook of our time together.

how they asked

We were due to celebrate our anniversary and Rahul had really hyped it up. So I imagined it was going to be something amazing since he took me sailing for our first one. Little did I know what was in store for me. He told me to dress fancy and that he would be picking me up at 7. I got ready and when 7pm rolled around he wasn’t there which was very unlike him , he called me to tell me he was running late and would be there in another half an hour. When he finally showed up I could barely contain my excitement for the night ahead. When we got into the car he realized he had forgotten his license at home and so he told me he was making a stopover at home.

When we reached his place , just before we could enter he suddenly took both my hands in his and looking at me very seriously asked me if I trusted him. I laughed, but I was suddenly very very nervous. He wrapped a scarf around my eyes and guided me inside his house. With my eyes closed I was very conscious of what was happening around me. I could feel the heat of candles and the floor beneath my heels felt very soft.

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When he pulled out the blindfold I could barely contain my surprise.

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The entire place was covered in rose petals and tea light candles. Barely having recovered from that shock , still holding my hands Rahul looked me straight in the eyes and told me I was his best friend, and these past couple of months we spent together had been the best days of his life. and that he never wanted them to end. Then getting down on one knee , the love of my life asked me to marry him <3

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I said YES! ( or rather shouted it out :D and then curtains opened to reveal both sets of parent hiding behind. It was the best surprise ever. And i don’t think I am ever going to forget it.

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Special Thanks

Adrian R
 | Photographer