Kimberly and Patrick's Surfing Proposal

How We Met

Kim surfed every day in Lavallette. Pat changed up his summer job and switched from life guarding in Seaside Heights to Ocean Beach, Unit 1, a much smaller beach bordering Lavallette. They met in June on a sunrise surfing session. Just the two of them were surfing and Kim complimented Pat on a nice wave. They started talking and realized they both shared the same interests of surfing and traveling. Pat and Kim maintained a friendship throughout the summer and would surf together when the waves were good. Pat saved Kim from a shark one day as she was surfing and paddled the shark out to sea. As the seasons changed, Pat and Kim both went off to their respective colleges and lost touch. They got lost on different paths, exploring the world, earning degrees, and always looking for each other in the lineup surfing.

4 years passed and Pat was scrolling Instagram and noticed Kim’s page. A few months later after re-establishing a casual friendship through social media, Pat finally asked Kim on a date after her graduation from Columbia. They shared a romantic, awkward dinner at Xina, and since then, have been inseparable.

Image 1 of Kimberly and Patrick

how they asked

Kim and Pat met on Bryn Mawr Ave in Lavallette, surfing a very early morning with just each other in the water. That’s the setting Pat used to propose. Pat anxiously woke Kim up early to surf together. They paddled out in the empty lineup together, where Pat proposed marriage. A set wave almost knocked them off their boards but the moment was magical. They shared a wave afterwords to celebrate their engagement. Kim and Pat continued surfing awhile before they went into the beach where Pat gave Kim the real engagement ring.

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