Kimberly and Nick

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How We Met

Nick & I had both been single for quite a while. I was going to school in Arizona to become a Nurse, and he was attending the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs. My junior year of college, I had become best friends with a kid named Caleb. One day out of the blue, Caleb messaged me asking if I would be interested in attending a ball called Ring Dance with Nick at the Academy (this is where juniors get their class rings). It was a big ordeal! Caleb sent me pictures, talked up his best friend, and asked if I was interested. Finding it somewhat odd, and a little nerve-wracking, I told Caleb he could give Nick my number and I’d be happy to consider traveling all the way to COLORADO if we got to know one another. This was in February, and the ring dance was in May. A few months to talk, right? That night, almost immediately, I got a text from Nick. Not wanting to seem too eager, I waited a while to text back (if you ask him, it was 5 hours). Once I finally responded, we immediately clicked, finding a million things to talk about. That was February of 2016. One month later, he came out to Arizona to visit his brother, and asked to take me on a date. We went to Maggiano’s (both our favorite restaurant, let’s be honest, it’s the bomb) and had our first kiss drenched in park sprinklers after SOMEONE failed to push me out of the way (it’s still hilarious to this day). We spent an entire week together before he traveled back to Colorado. I knew then that he was the one. From that week on, we talked every single day, never missing a beat, and visited at least once a month. I loved him then.

Kimberly and Nick's Engagement in The Broadmoor

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how they asked

After a year and a half of long distance, Nick asked me to move to Colorado with him. I had never lived outside of Arizona, so this was a huge step. We had been living together for 6 months, after a summer filled of fun in Europe. We had always talked about getting married, and wanted to get engaged soon. Little did I know, Nick had bought my dream ring back in June on my family’s annual Carlsbad trip.

On December 15th, 2017, I was spending the day with one of my best friends Christine when she mentioned going on a double date with her and her fiancé to the Broadmoor (a super high end, old hotel that Colorado Springs is famous for) because every year they decorate it for Christmas. Having no idea what was actually about to happen, I called Nick and he agreed to go. We went to dinner and made our way to the Broadmoor to see the festively decorated hotel. We walked around for hours looking at the lake, the gorgeous trees, and the lights. Side note: ever since Nick and I met, we’ve called one another our adventure buddy because we have traveled all over the world together and had big dreams of doing all of these things with one another (this is an important fact for our proposal story). Being the girly girls Christine and I are, we wanted to stop to take pictures. We found a beautiful courtyard overlooking the light surrounded lake with a beautiful Christmas tree in the middle. Just as Nick and I were about to take our picture in front of the twinkling trees, he pulled out a wrapped gift and told me to open it.

Not having any clue what was happening, I told him it was a horrible time to decide to give me a gift, but opened it anyway. Inside was a book titled “Our Adventure Book” (anyone who knows the movie Up, you know this book is one of the cutest parts of the entire story). As I go to open the book, I notice it is hollow. Inside, two strings are thoughtfully placed, along with the script: “You will forever be my greatest adventure, will you marry me?”. Just then, I see Nick drop to one knee and pull out the most gorgeous ring I’ve ever seen, and ask me to spend forever adventuring through life with him.

After some ugly crying, heaving, and choking out yes, we popped some bubbly and celebrated our engagegement! I knew back in February I loved him, but every day since, my love has only grown. I can’t wait to spend forevery by this man’s side.