Kimberly and Nicholas

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How We Met

It was like any other Saturday night at High Point University. My roommate was at her boyfriend’s fraternity’s date party, and was trying to convince me to join them at the fraternity house later in the night. She wanted me to meet a guy, and it was simply easier to just go than to argue with her. It wasn’t long before her plan was set into action and her boyfriend was dragging Nick to meet me, “There’s a gorgeous girl that wants to meet you,” and she was dragging me to meet him, “C’mon, he’s a great guy!”. Well, we hit it off and it wasn’t long before he was chasing me down to ask me to be his Valentine. The funny thing was, he was not shy in asking me on dates, but it took him until the 4th date to actually be able to look me in the eyes. He claims he was nervous, but it worked out, because that is the story behind our song.

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how they asked

For Christmas, Nick wrapped up a cork from “Palmer Vineyards”, unknown to me, this was a subtle hint at the future to come (Nick’s last name, my future last name, is Palmer). Dumbfounded, I asked why he got me an old cork for Christmas. He quickly explained that he had gotten us a week long trip to Napa Valley, and he had already contacted my boss to make sure the vacation days would be approved. Another fact that I was unaware of at this moment, was that California was in the exact opposite direction of our actual destination. The trip was planned for early March, so we had a few months to have our excitement build up. On March 3, the day of our departure, Nick asked me if I’d like to know the real location of where we were going… and of course I was confused. He told me “I won’t tell you specifically where we are going, but we should probably stop by a bank on the way to the airport to grab some Euros.” Having studied abroad together, and fallen in love with Europe, I instantly cried at this revelation. Our final destination was kept a secret from me, until we checked in at the airport, and the tickets revealed the truth. We were going to the island of Tenerife, in the Canary Islands, Spain. Our song happens to be “Tenerife Sea” by Ed Sheeran, so I was instantly suspicious, but doubted the possibility as not to get my hopes up. We arrived in sunny Tenerife the next morning, where we checked in to our resort and spent the rest of the day recovering by the pool from our long flight. The morning of March 5, Nick told me to get dressed up as we had a winery tour that day. It didn’t take long before Nick was persuading me to join him for a walk on the beach, to which I argued that it made no sense to get dressed up only to go on the beach. He finally convinced me to “trust him” and we walked on to a secluded portion of the beach. He turned me around and dropped to his knee and said, “Kimberly Nicole Greve, will you make those beautiful eyes mine forever”. I couldn’t stop crying and definitely couldn’t formulate words, so after about 30 seconds of no answer, he asked if I would please tell him “yes or no”. I got “yes!” out. After the waterworks were over, he pointed to three people down the beach in the distance, only to reveal that his family had come on a separate flight and were photographing the whole event.

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