Kimberly and Matthew

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How We Met

Matt and I first met in High School. I was a shy sophomore and he was the handsome senior I was too nervous to talk to. We both played lacrosse so we shared similar social circles and had a keyboarding class together spring semester before he graduated and went off to college. Matt “remembers” that I blew him off when he “tried” to initiate conversation. I “remember” him acting disinterested and unaware of my simple attempts to get his attention. Fast forward several years, reconnecting during Holiday breaks home from college and post-college, similar encounters seemed to follow us. Matt thinking he was being assertive and showing his interest, me being too shy and oblivious to notice. Finally, one fateful weekend, Matt was hanging out with his good childhood friend and my best friend, who were dating at the time. After some drinks and friendly conversation, it was identified that Matt and I had both shared similar feelings of interest all these years but miscommunication always seemed to get in the way. So, with encouragement from my girl friend and my sister, I finally replied to a message Matt had sent me years prior (Let’s be honest, my sister actually sent the message on my behalf). As cliché as it sounds, on that day I “knew” he was the one I was going to end up marrying, I just had “that feeling”. As I drove back to Philadelphia that evening (where I was living at the time for grad school), I found myself smiling and singing along to cheesy music like a giddy school girl. Almost 4 years of dating later, here I am planning my wedding with my now best friend, fiancé and future husband!

how they asked

…It was a beautiful spring morning and I was slow to wake up. Matt, impatient after waiting for me, decided to go to Starbucks while I slowly got myself ready. When he got back, he said he had a “surprise” for me. Go to find out it was just a Green Tea, my typical go-to drink. Not thinking much of it, we (correction: “I”) were finally up and ready to get the day started. We decided to walk to grab a bite to eat and then make our way down to the waterfront to enjoy the first glimpses of spring on this seasonally warm, sunny day. After breakfast, we continued our stroll down to the Old Town, Alexandria waterfront with Walter, our dog, leading the way.

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Seated on benches, as we overlooked the waterfront view, I was about to start reminiscing about past adventures, as I often do (Sentimental Susan over here). But, before I could get a word out, Matt slipped down on one knee and…

Matt: “Why don’t we go to Middleburg to celebrate?”

Me: “To celebrate what?”

Matt: “The surprise” (as he got the ring box out of his pocket and opened the box). “Will you marry me, Kimbo?”

…I was in utter shock. One, because he just sprinted right in and went for it! No build up, no stories, just BOOM and went for it. Two, he looked so (!) nervous. In hindsight, it was perfect and so “like Matt”. Matt shows his love through action, not necessarily through words and sappy stories. It was also a sweet and rare moment that I, for the first time ever, got to witness him actually nervous…

Matt: “Well, what do you say?” (While nervously laughing)

… He then placed the ring box on my lap and attempted to get Walter to come over and sit. With the ring still in its box, just resting on my lap, Sassy Sally over here then replied….

Me: “Well, are you going to put it on?”

…Matt placed the ring on my finger, we hugged and I think I said, “Yes”?!? Truthfully, the rest is a bit blurry because it all happened so fast! As we were hugging, Matt couldn’t contain his laughter. He then turned me to face the trees and out popped our good friend, Dan. It turns out that Dan had been there the entire time, trying his best to hide as he awkwardly struggled to run from tree to tree attempting to get close enough to take photos of the moment without being spotted. As Matt described it, every few seconds he was interrupted by the vision of Dan sprinting to the next nearest tree and then popping his head out to snap a quick photo before swiftly hiding back behind the tree. Needless to say, his pictures depict us as more of a blurry blob…

…Matt then explained that he had planned a romantic overnight get-away to Middleburg, VA to celebrate at the beautiful vineyards and Salamander Resort & Spa. After briefly sharing our engagement news and excitement with Dan, his wife and new baby, we walked back home to pack and get ready for our night away. On our walk back to our house, I played “20 questions” (times 1000!!), grilling Matt about every single possible detail about the ring, the planning, when he knew he wanted to propose, where did he hide the ring, how did he tell my dad, was he nervous, was he excited, what did his parents think, who knew he was proposing, etc. (you get the point: nosey Kim needed to hear every.single.detail). Once we got home, we called our loved ones, quickly packed and then were on our way to celebrate the “start of the rest of our lives together”.

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