Kimberly and Matthew

Image 1 of Kimberly and Matthew

I work at a dog daycare and a 4 month old pitty pup who was in a foster home had been coming in regularly. Each time he came in I would spend the rest of the day going on and on about him and showing pictures to Matt. I already had two dogs, I could not afford three on my own so I had to resist. His foster mom came in one day and told me that it was his last day with her, he would be going to his new home that afternoon. Well I went home and bawled, I wanted him so badly. Matt called and asked me to meet him for lunch, he told me to bring the dogs and we would go somewhere that we could eat with them as well. We were enjoying a couple drinks when someone came around the corner with a whole bunch of purple (my favorite color) balloons, and a puppy, who was wearing a little tux. The puppy romped over to me, it was the puppy I had told him all about, the one I just was crying over! He was wearing a purple tag that said “Marry Me Kimberly” I turned back around and Matt was down on one knee. He told me how much he loved me and my dogs and asked if I saw the tag, I nodded and he asked “so will you marry me”……….. how could I not say yes!