Kimberly and Matthew

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How We Met

Matt was working in Huntington, WV before Kim moved there due to an internship. On June 26th, 2016, Matt and Kim met through mutual friends. Kim knew the moment she saw Matt, he was the one! That charming smile, his handsome personality, and most importantly HIS DIMPLES!

On September 7th, Kim got asked to join the local church choir that Matt was working at. Due to being invited like hours before and she was down to work all day, she wasn’t able to make it. Matt did though add Kim on Facebook and messaged her saying that she would be more than welcome to still join and choir season would start September 11th. Matt gave Kim her number (HEART EMOJI EYES HAHA!) And from there was the beginning of their adventure.

On September 9th, Kim was visiting with her mom in Middleport, and Matt was driving by heading to Columbus. That was the first of the many impromptu dates! Matt and Kim had lunch at Wild Horse in Pomeroy and talked for hours! The date ended with Matt singing Avenue Q to her (Which she was on cloud nine with the singing!)

They were together almost every day for that whole week, and on September 18th, they were having dinner of a friend of theirs and she was joking saying that “Oh we should make it official!” Poor Kimberly couldn’t keep it together for the life of her! Finally, on September 18th of that night, it was in young kid terms “Facebook Official!”

Kim and Matt have enjoyed every moment of their relationship so far! From all their road trips to meeting new people, and to all the moves! They have grown a lot since then. And they are so blessed to have one another, especially since they are Roman Catholics and they practice their faith together.

how they asked

On December 22nd, Matt was so excited about celebrating Christmas that he wanted to exchange gifts on the 23rd (which was a little early). But Kim had one more present to open, and it was this love book that he created with things that he loved about her and their relationship. At the end of the book, Matt had a page of a guy down on one knee asking “Will You Marry Me?”

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