Kimberly and Luis

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How We Met

I met Luis in our high school spanish class. He thought I was cute and after a few months he built up the courage to talk to talk to me. We lost communication for about two years because he starting going to a different school. When he returned to my high school we started talking again and the rest is history. Being the traditional man that Luis is, he personally asked my dad for permission to date me before he asked me to be his girlfriend. We’ve been together for six years now.

how they asked

The Griffith Observatory was one of our first dates. I instantly fell in love with the view. This was where our first kiss happened. We would go back almost every year for our anniversary. Four years into our relationship my dad passed from cancer (2 days before Luis’ Birthday). On the day of Luis’ birthday we were making funeral arrangements for my dad and never did I hear Luis complain. That was when l knew he was a keeper. A week before the proposal (without my knowledge) Luis went to visit my dad at his grave to ask for my hand in marriage. On the day of our anniversary we went to the observatory. As I was taking a panoramic picture of the amazing view I see Luis down on one knee; instant tears down my face. Of course I said yes! I completely lost it when he gave me a framed picture of him at my dad’s grave site asking him for my hand in marriage.

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