Kimberly and Kevin


How We Met

We met in our cultural anthropology class at the University of Texas at Austin. I was a freshman in my second semester of college and Kevin was a sophomore. I remember trying to pick a seat on the second day of class and decided to sit next to “the guy in the hat.” I told him, “I’m gonna sit here for the rest of the semester.” Kevin laughed and said, “okay.”

I knew I wanted to get to know Kevin more when he noticed that I was having a hard time reading the professor’s powerpoint during class and he very subtly turned his laptop screen to face me so that I could read his notes. From that day forward, we began to talk about everything and Kevin drew the infamous doodle of me falling asleep in class.

We became good friends throughout the semester and began to spend time outside of class through study sessions, lunches, and texting. Kevin finally worked up the nerve to text me after a UT roundup party that he was crushing on me. I never responded because I was too worried about jumping into another relationship and just hoped it would blow over and not have to be awkwardly addressed…

Kevin took the hint and we stayed friends throughout the rest of the school year and over the summer. When fall came around, I met up with Kevin for the first time in months to have lunch on the drag. Kevin invited me to a tailgate and various events. It was then that I had to admit that I definitely liked Kevin more than a friend and admitted it to him Halloween night. A few days later on a cool November 4th night, Kevin took me up to Mount Bonnell and asked me to be his girlfriend.

how they asked

After five years of dating, it was time to take the next step. A trip to Belize around the same time as Kevin and Kimberly’s 5 year anniversary was too good of an opportunity to pass up. After a long day of zip-lining through the jungle, Kimberly got ready for dinner as Kevin paced frantically. He had hired a photographer to capture the moment in which he would ask the most important question of his life at 5:00, right before the sun went down on the island. All of a sudden, at 4:50, the wind blew like crazy as the hammocks spun wildly and the resort staff chased runaway cushions. Then, the rain… After a beautiful day with not a cloud in the sky, the weather trapped them inside their Casita.

Kevin glanced out the window and spotted the photographer. He went to “make dinner reservations” and ran to go speak with her. She told him they only had a good 15 minutes left of daylight to have the ideal lighting for the pictures. If anyone knows Kevin at all, he was stressed out of his mind. He kept tabs on the weather, glaring out the window every couple minutes. As soon as he saw the wind slow and the rain stop, he rushed Kimberly out the door.

He took her between two palm trees and froze up. Every word he had memorized had left in that moment so he just spoke from the heart. A minute of spilt emotions later, the rain was coming back. He dropped to one knee and, lucky for him, she said “YES!” They then ran inside the resort’s restaurant to toast and Kevin presented Kimberly with a book documenting the past five years of their relationship and a letter from her Dad. There were lots of tears, lots of smiles, and a nice new ring to show for it.


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